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Stalingrad: Turning Point Of The Eastern Front

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Board Basis: Mixed Board
  • Tour Ref: D2TLEGKRSF

Holiday Summary

  • Travel Type: Air
This Eastern Front battlefield tour focuses on operations at Stalingrad, as we visit key locations and WW2 memorials, as well as sites in Moscow.
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10 Day Itinerary

  • Day 1

    Fly to Moscow and transfer to our hotel for an overnight stay.

    Meals - Dinner

  • Day 2 - Moscow

    Today we have a Moscow sightseeing Tour in the morning, looking at WW2-related sites in the city before we take an internal flight to Stalingrad (now Volgograd) and continue to our hotel for five nights.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 3 - Volgograd

    The morning we visit spent visiting areas in the city centre such as Square of the Fallen Fighters, Monument to the Fallen and the Eternal Flame, and Stalingrad Main Railway Station, focusing on the fighting for the city.

    This will be followed, after lunch, with a boat trip on the River Volga. We look at the fighting in the Factory district, the Volga Embankment and the Volga crossing points, ending in the Northern suburbs of the city, giving a perspective of the combat in those areas from the Russian view.

    We then move onto the Mamayev Kurgan, the ancient Hill which stands 102 metres above the city and dominates the Northern area and Factory district. It was the scene of some of the bloodiest fighting of the Stalingrad Battle, as both sides sought to gain and hold this strategic position.

    Here we will discuss all the aspects of the fighting on the hill, and the surrounding area. We then visit the Memorial Complex, the Hall of Valour, the famous ‘Fight to the Death’ monument, and the huge free-standing statue of Za Rodina, Mother Russia.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 4 - Southern Volgograd & the Factory District

    The day will begin with a visit to Southern Volgograd and the Grain Silo, following the advance of General Hoth’s Panzer Korps into the southern outskirts of the city, and the Soviet defence, as they fell back from the Kalmyk steppe. Here we see the Silo itself, and the memorial to the Soviet Marines who checked the German advance. We will also examine the fighting around the Tsaritsa Gorge, as the Germans attacked to reach the banks of the Volga.

    We then visit the Factory district, scene of very heavy fighting in the Industrial area. We will visit the area of the famous Red October Plant, Barrikady Gun Factory and the Dzerzhinsky Tractor works, looking at the Kovaleva Memorial, the famous Lyudnikovs Island, and the so-called Island of Fire, including the original command post of the 138th Rifle Division and T34 Tank defence line memorials, plus the Chelyabinsk Kolkhozik.

    This is followed by a visit to the wonderful Panorama Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad and the nearby Grudinin Mill, one of the surviving original buildings, before moving on to one of the other famous surviving urban Battle locations at Pavlov’s House, which the Russians defended for 58 days.

    The day ends with a visit to the Rossoshka Memorial, and the Reconciliation Cemetery and Museum Complex, which includes a visit to the Russian and German cemeteries that are situated on the Battlefield to the west of the city.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 5 - The Steppe

    We begin in the city centre visiting the Univermag Store Museum, the former Headquarters, and later, place of surrender of Field Marshall Paulus.

    From here we head onto the Steppe, west of Volgograd, to visit some locations of the German defence lines including Peschanka, Karpovka, and the so-called Marinovka Nose.

    We then drive to the Don Bridge crossing point at Kalach, significant both to the German advance and the Russian counterattack.

    Moving further west into the Don Steppe, we visit the JS2 Tank memorial, which commemorates the summer 1942 defence of Stalingrad by the 1st Tank Army.

    We then visit the village of Golubinskaya, where the German 6th Army HQ was located, before heading back towards the city to the famous Sovietsky Memorial, situated on the Volga-Don Canal, where Russian troops met in November 1942 to trap the German 6th Army in the ‘Kessel’.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 6 - Gumrak

    Today we travel to Gumrak, looking at the Luftwaffe Airlift to supply the 6th Army once it was surrounded.

    Near to Gumrak are the Water Tower and the Church at Gorodische, the scene of heavy fighting. We visit the Russian defence lines of August 1942 at Bald Hill and Soldier's Field to discuss the fighting, and visit the memorials. Before returning to the city we examine the German advance, and Russian defence of the northern area of the Stalingrad Front.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 7 - Moscow

    Today we depart Volgograd and take an internal flight back to Moscow, where we stay for three nights.

    In the evening you will have the chance to take a Moscow by Night tour, in the heart of the city.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 8 - Moscow & Kremlin

    Back in Moscow we visit further locations around the city with a WW2 connection, including the Great Patriotic War Museum and the Kremlin.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 9 - Russian Tank Museum

    On our final day we visit to the huge Russian Tank Museum, which is split into two separate sites at Kubinka, west of Moscow.

    Here we see an incredible array of tanks and military vehicles including a Maus, King Tiger and Tiger tank, as well as numerous Soviet tanks. The museum has one of the best collections of armoured vehicles in the world.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 10

    Transfer to Moscow Airport for your return flight to the UK.

    Meals - Breakfast

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You will stay for one night and later three nights at the Holiday Inn Tagansky, or similar in Moscow. You will also stay for five nights at the Hotel Volgograd in Volgograd. Back to top