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Discover The History Of The Boer & Zulu Wars Of South Africa

  • Duration: 12 days
  • Board Basis: Mixed Board
  • Tour Ref: D2TLEGKSAB

Holiday Summary

  • Travel Type: Air
Fly into South Africa and follow the story of the Zulu battles and the key events of the Anglo-Boer War on this fascinating tour.
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  • Day - 1

    Fly overnight from Heathrow to Johannesburg.

    Meals - Dinner*

  • Day - 2

    Morning arrival in Johannesburg where you will be met by your guide and transfered to the town of Dundee and the Royal Country Inn, our base for the next five nights.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Days 3 & 4 - Isandlwana & Rorke’s Drift

    The next two days will be spent looking at the battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. At Isandlwana we will see: the battlefield where 24,000 Zulu impis out-manoeuvred and wiped out almost an entire British Regiment (The 24th) in less than half an hour! This historic site of Isandlwana, KwaZulu-Natal marks the British colonial army’s biggest defeat; this was their first encounter with the warriors of the Zulu nation in 1879. The hundreds of whitewashed stone cairns scattered across the battlefield mark the graves of British troops. This was an embarrassing defeat for the British as the Zulus were armed with assegais and spears representing a technologically inferior force. The on-site museum contains all of the details and memorabilia of the battle. Rorke’s Drift is the site where 139 British soldiers, including injured men, held the re-supply depot against 4,500 Zulu warriors for 11.5 hours before managing to ward them off. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded for the valour displayed by the British in this battle.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day - 5 - Dundee

    Spend time today in and around Dundee seeing the excellent Talana Museum displaying the events of the Anglo-Boer War.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day - 6 - Ladysmith & Colenso

    We head west via Ladysmith and the Siege Museum to Colenso, one of the great battles of the Anglo-Boer War, and one of the three British defeats that made up Black Week. Make your way on foot to the summit of Spioenkop where your guide recreates the tragic battle between ‘Boer and Brit’ over nine days in January 1900.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day - 7 - Voortrekkers

    We leave Dundee and visit the monument dedicated to the ‘Voortrekkers’ who, vastly outnumbered, heroically defended themselves against a Zulu attack. Visit Lancaster Hill, scene of an engagement between the Lancaster Regiment and the Boers after the relief of Ladysmith. Continue to Natal Spa Hot Springs and Leisure Resort in the Zululand for two nights. Tonight we will have a barbecue (Braai) dinner.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day - 8 - Hlobane

    Re-live the route of the British forces at Hlobane by the Zulus where the British once again underestimated the enemy and paid a heavy price. However, the situation was quickly reversed by the British the next day, as we will hear when we visit Kambula.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day - 9 - Zululand

    Today we travel deep into the heart of Zululand seeing where the Prince Imperial of France was killed in a Zulu ambush. We continue to the famed valley of the Zulu Kings and to the Mtonjaneni Lodge in Ulundi for two nights. Mtonjaneni Lodge is a 3-star graded country-style lodge situated overlooking the Emakhosini Valley of the Kings. The lodge has an Anglo-Zulu Museum on the premises.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day - 10 - Ulundi

    We will see the battlefields and experience the history around Ulundi. July 4th 1879 was to be a significant date for the Zulu nation. The battle at Ulundi was to be short lived, not only was it to be the final battle for Chief Cetewayo and his warriors but was also the break up of the Zulu nation.

    Meals - Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day -11

    We travel to Durban to take an afternoon flight to Johannesburg and connect with the evening overnight South African Airways flight to London.

    Meals - Dinner*

  • Day -12

    Morning arrival at London Heathrow Airport.

    Meals - Breakfast*

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All hotels are of a minimum European 3-star standard and have a restaurant or bar on site or nearby.

Battlefields Country Lodge & Sports Resort, Dundee (nights 2-6), or similar.

Natal Spa Hot Springs and Leisure Resort in the Zululand (nights 7-8), or similar.

Mtonjaneni Lodge in Ulundi (nights 9-10), or similar.

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