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Battlefield – The Victory Show

Battlefield – The Victory Show

World War II recreated
This September, on the first weekend of the month, you will have the chance to witness the 1940s atmosphere of World War II like never before. From 2nd September 2016 (Friday) – 4th September 2016 (Sunday), the village of Cosby in Leicestershire county will be setting up to reenact one of the largest World War II battlefields the world has ever seen. The event will be held on land spanning over a hundred acres, featuring a whole lot of entertainment for the whole family. It is also a great way to learn about the history of the epic war.

Featuring Events
The show will cater to the whole family as all the events and activities planned have a little something for everyone. There are activities like miniature steam train rides for kids to enjoy. If adults feel like taking a ride, then tank rides will also be available. Mobile 1940s vehicles like ambulances and jeeps will be passing you by while you and your children can enjoy flying remote controlled model aircrafts. The event features a large trader’s area where up to 60 stalls will serve food with souvenirs available for you to remember this weekend. A huge army encampment with more than 50 re-enactment groups will teach you a bit about history all throughout the event. Authentic armoured vehicles and tanks will be up for display too. A special Saturday night 1940s themed dance and dinner will be a treat for you and your loved ones.

Bookings and Applications
Advanced tickets can only be purchased till 30th June 2016 after which the tickets can only be purchased at the event’s entrance. World War II veterans with our acquired pass have free entry but the pass has to be acquired before 31st July 2016. Forms are also available for people wanting to participate in the several aspects of the event.