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Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 747 ‘Cosmic Girl’ set to go Sky High!

Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 747 ‘Cosmic Girl’ set to go Sky High!

Airplane (1)Last week it was announced that a retired Virgin Atlantic jet ‘Cosmic Girl’ would be given a new lease of life with the Virgin brand as she prepares to become a launch platform for Virgin Galactic’s new satellite rocket.

The Boeing 747-400 will carry a satellite rocket to a high altitude before launching it off into space. The 747 was originally launched for Virgin Atlantic in 2001 and will be redecorated from the traditional red and white of Virgin into blue and white to match the Virgin Galactic branding. Over its fifteen years in service it has helped millions of passengers fly across the Atlantic and will now be used to help us better understand space.

Cosmic Girl will have a LauncherOne rocket mounted on the underside of the left wing. The rocket can be released at a height of 35,000 feet and once doing so will fire up its engine for three minutes, this should be enough time to carry the rocket into orbit. The rockets will be carrying satellites which can then be left in orbit.