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Tutankhamun Exhibition Breaks

Tutankhamun Exhibition

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Where: Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London SW3 4RY

When: November-December 2019


Paris & the Tutankhamun Exhibition

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Tutankhamun is one of Egypt's most famous pharaohs. He was born in around 1342 BC and became a pharaoh when he was just nine years old, he died nine years later at the age of eighteen. 

He was 'mummified' and along with his coffin, around 5000 treasures were buried with him. These were found in 1922 by archaeologists, 3000 years later. 

This is the largest exhibition of Tutankhamun ever to tour, and this will be the last time that some of these artefacts will come to London before they move to the Cairo's Grand Museum.

At this exhibition, there'll be over 150 objects from the tomb that you'll be able to see, some of these items are on display outside of Egypt for the very first time!