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If you get the opportunity to hang around after the concert Andre Rieu may come and sign an autograph! (This cannot be guaranteed!)
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Bestseller: Andre Rieu in Maastricht!

Andre Rieu may be touring in the UK in December - click here to register your interest now and be the first to know when this goes on sale. 

See popular showman and 'King of Waltz' Andre Rieu and his Johann Straus Orchestra in Europe this year! Ticket, travel and hotel packages start from only £289 per person.

European Andre Rieu tour packages currently on sale are:

Mon 12th June 2017 - Vienna, Austria - ON SALE NOW!
Sat 5th - 15th July 2017 - Maastricht, The Netherlands - LIMITED AVAILABILITY!
Cologne dates are also available from selected pickup points - please call to find out more. 


12 Jun 2017 Andre Rieu Live in Vienna 12 £1279 Book Now
07 & 14 Jul 2017 Andre Rieu in Maastricht by Coach 3 £289 Book Now
05 & 12 Jul 2017 Andre Rieu in Maastricht by Coach 5 £409 Book Now
08 & 15 Jul 2017 Andre Rieu in Maastricht by Air 3 £469 Book Now
07 & 14 Jul 2017 Andre Rieu in Maastricht by Air 5 £599 Book Now
06, 08, 13 & 15 Jul 2017 Andre Rieu in Maastricht by Eurostar 3 £409 Call to Book
05 & 12 Jul 2017 Andre Rieu in Maastricht by Eurostar 5 £539 Call to Book


Affectionately known as the 'King Of Waltz', many of his fans will be delighted to hear that André Rieu will be performing live throughout the UK & Europe in 2017. With some of his fans not having seen the great man perform live, here's your chance to get your hands on the sought after André Rieu concert tickets to see him and his Johann Straus Orchestra perform in a variety of destinations, including his sell-out home town of Maastricht.

Ever since he was a child, André has been fascinated with the world of music, his father was a conductor so it was only natural that his son would progress into the same genre. André grew up with his brothers and sisters in an environment filled with classical music symphonies, chamber music and operas. He followed his passion for music by taking violin lessons at the tender age of five (1954) and after studying for years, he concluded his music training with distinction (Premier Prix) at the Conservatoire in Brussels (1977). His Johann Strauss Orchestra (JSO) was founded in 1987 and after six months of rehearsals, and only 12 members, performed their first concert together on 1st January 1988. The Orchestra has now grown with 50-60 members and André considers them family.

The popularity of this icon of the classical music world never fails to wane, for example, in 2010, when André Rieu toured with his Johann Straus Orchestra, his shows outsold any other male touring artist in the world, including Bruce Springsteen. His album 'Forever Vienna' reached No2 in the British Pop Chart which is the highest ever position for a classical record and in the UK alone he has sold over 22 million albums.

Not giving too much away but the tour will feature a delightful mix of classic waltzes, operettas, folk songs, film scores and one or two surprises that will have you on the edge of your seat if you're lucky to be able to see him live. Don't be surprised if he encourages you to sway with the music, hum, sing, clap and even jump up and down with joy as you listen to him play.

Andre Rieu tour packages are quite the spectacle which is why André Rieu concerts are such a massive sell-out. His orchestra features ladies dressed in full crinolines, flowers and hundreds of balloons are always on display. André Rieu has been known to tour with horses, ice rinks and an entire castle that was rebuilt for every performance of the tour. Row upon row of ordinary people, who at the beginning of the evening have no desire to dance, but by the end they find themselves swaying waltz-like to tunes such as 'The Blue Danube', 'Edelweiss' and 'I Could Have Danced All Night'.

Concert tour packages to see André Rieu typically include: return coach travel and transfers, a good quality hotel, excursions, bed and continental breakfast and of course a ticket to see the show.

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Andre Rieu Miniguide

Waltz the night away!
The mini guide to seeing André Rieu in concert

What do I wear?
The majority of venues will be indoors therefore it is wise to wear comfortable clothing. There is usually air-conditioning but it can get quite warm especially if you are joining in which André Rieu encourages! Maybe wear layers as it’s easy to take them off but remember it might be cold outside when you leave the venue. 

What should I take?
The less you take the better as you do not want to obstruct other people’s enjoyment of the show so avoid rucksacks. Try to take a small bag that can be put over your shoulders or between your feet. As with all concerts, keep your valuables safe. 

Who is he?
Andre Rieu is a violinist from Holland who lives in a restored castle on the edge of Maastricht. He formed the Johann Strauss Orchestra 25 years ago and he hit the big time in the UK after performing on the Royal Variety Performance in 2009. He’s released four albums and his fans have sent them to the top of the Classical Chart. His current DVD, Home for Christmas, went straight to Number 1.

Are there any catering facilities?
Most places will allow you to take food and drink into the concert venue. Please note that glass is not permitted and in some cases the tops will be removed from your plastic bottle. Should you not wish to carry food or drink with you, you can purchase these at the venue but prices maybe high.

Seeing Andre in Maastricht?
One of those once in a lifetime experiences to see him perform in his home town! Stroll the delightful cobbled streets around the Vrijthof Square. Relax in one of the many attractive cafes and bars. Must-see sights are the St Servaas Basilica and St. Jan Church. It’s a wonderful place to just sit and people-watch. 

How do I go about getting his autograph?
Sometimes André will give autographs at the end of his concert but this cannot always be guaranteed. 

I’m going to the concert with friends?
As soon as you enter the venue, all decide on a suitable meeting place should you by chance get separated. This will hopefully prevent anyone from getting lost once the concert is over. 

What can I expect at the concert?
From Viennese operettas to film scores, spirituals to musicals, folk songs to marches. His concerts are a perfect mix of thrilling melodies, combined with surprises, balloons, beautiful soloists and André’s great sense of humour. 

What if I am in a wheelchair?
The majority of venues are wheelchair-friendly with lifts available but it might be worth contacting the venues to double-check on accessibility. Special areas of the venue will be available for wheelchair users only. 

Are children allowed?
André Rieu encourages people of all ages to attend his concerts but as his music is predominantly classical, it may not appeal to children of a young age. It might be best to leave them at home.

Before or at the end of the concert?
Make sure that you buy some merchandise before you leave the venue, it’s the best way to remember how much fun you had at the show.

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Watch a snippet of Andre Rieu live in his home town of Maastricht in 2016: 


André clearly has a sense of humour. He once made a cameo appearance as himself on Ramsay Street in the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours.