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Czech Republic Tours 2024

Czech Republic Tours

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Language: Czech
Currency: Czech Koruna
Time Zone: UTC/GMT+1
Tipping: Is expected of foreign visitors, 10% is the usual tip to leave.


Czech Republic - an Introduction

Cesky KrumlovConsidering that the Czech Republic has only been in existence since 1993, this tiny land in Central Europe has a wonderful history and you can discover this more on coach tours. The country's past is evident with every turn as there are more castles and chateaux per square mile than any other in the world. Delve deeper into the country's past and you'll come across over 2000 caves, fourteen of which can be explored by the public such as the Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss or the Balcarka Cave. 

Thousands of tourists descend upon the Czech Republic to explore the ruins in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Rabí Castle, Kynžvart and Choustnik are just a few that you should definitely see on your coach tour. The clatter of a mill wheel used to be frequent sound in times gone by, but now these beautiful Water Mills stand as magnificent monuments in the Czech Republic with the Medieval Mill Hoslovice being one of the oldest preserved water mills in Bohemia and well worth a visit.

When you have had enough of soaking up Czech's history, take a walk with a difference in Lipno where you can surround yourself with nature on the Treetop Trail. This wooden construction reaches 24 metres up into the sky and is perfect for everyone – even pushchairs or wheelchairs. At the top you will find a viewing tower that overlooks Lipno Lake and the Šumava and Novohradské Mountains. Don't leave without taking a ride on the longest dry toboggan run in the Czech Republic!    


Prague is the mecca for most tourists with many trying to cram in all the sights over such a short break. Instead of rushing, take your time to explore and you won't be disappointed and if you cannot fit it all in, just plan a return visit! Stunning architecture from Gothic to Baroque and the Renaissance can be found on all corners. Explore the medieval lanes of the Old Town and Castle District. Venture further and you'll come across tranquil riverside parks, lively bars and traditional music clubs. Sample local delicacies such as Knedlíky (steamed & sliced dumplings), Lečo (stew made of peppers, onions, tomatoes and spices) or Smažený sýr (fried cheese) in one of many restaurants. 

All tours to the Czech Republic tend to include; return travel by coach or plane, hotel accommodation in a good standard hotel, meals and a variety of included or optional excursions so you can really see the best of the resort you're visiting.


Thinking of travelling to the Czech Republic? Check out the average temperatures for when you plan to visit courtesy of BBC Weather

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Prague -2.5°C -2°C C 7.5°C 13°C 16°C 18°C 17.5°C 13.5°C 8.5°C 3°C -1°C


Tourist Offices
To find out further information about the Czech Republic you can visit their tourist board website at

The Czech Republic has lots to do when you visit, here is just a snapshot of the great things that are available when you visit.

One of the Czech Republic’s best known tourist destinations, Prague known locally as Praha has become a destination for visitors from the around the world. It is the sixth most visited European city, and has a number of great attractions to see such as Prague Castle, Pisek Gate, Lennon Wall, The Astronomical Clock on the Old Town City Wall.

Český Krumlov
Best known for its fine architecture, this town is famous for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dating back to the 13th Century Český Krumlov’s old town curves around a horseshoe shaped part of the river. Visitors to the town are often amazed by the size of the town’s Castle which is remarkably large.

The second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno is another great place to visit when exploring the beautiful Czech Republic. The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul towers over the Brno skyline and attracts visitors every year. There is also two castles in Brno; Špilberk Castle and Veveří Castle, these white-washed, red-roofed castles are a long way from what you see in the UK!

Mariánské Lázně
A spa town set amongst by green mountainous countryside, Marianske Lazne become one the of top European spa destinations due to its curative ‘carbon dioxide springs’. Today it still enjoys plenty of visitors due to its beautiful setting, close promity to Carlsbad and Franzensbad, two famous spa towns and its original character.

To help you have an enjoyable holiday in the Czech Republic, take a look at these useful tips and advice provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO):

Health and Travel Insurance
You should apply for a free UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) before leaving the UK when you are visiting Belgium. Please note this card is not a substitute for travel insurance or medical cover, however, you will be entitled to state provided medical treatment at a reduced cost or sometimes for free if this is required during your stay in Austria.

Local Laws and Customs
You are required to carry a form of identification with you at all times.

Entry Requirements

Passport validity
If you are planning to visit the Czech Republic, you must meet the following passport requirements.

Your passport must be:
- Issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country (check the ‘date of issue’)
- Valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’)

Please note: If your passport was issued before 1 October 2018, extra months may have been added to its expiry date. These extra months do not count towards your passport validity.

You can travel to the Czech Republic for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa.
Please note that any previous visits you have made to the Schengen countries within the last 180 days will count towards your 90-day limit.

Passport stamping
Your passport will be stamped if you enter or exit the Schengen area through Belgium as a visitor. These passport stamps are used to check you’re complying with the 90-day visa-free limit in the Schengen area.

Any other nationality looking to holiday in the Czech Republic must contact the local embassy to check visa requirements.

The Czechs love their beer: As of 2010, the Czech Republic had the highest beer consumption per capita in the world with an estimated 132 litres of beer consumed per person per year!