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Central America Escorted Tours

Central America Escorted Tours

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MexicoCentral America tours will take you to paradise on earth where you’ll find pristine sandy beaches, clear blue seas combined with a fascinating history and diverse cultures that will leave you wanting more. Countries in Central America tend to include Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and parts of Southern Mexico – all of which can be explored on your escorted tour.

One thing you’ll absolutely love during your Central America tour is the people. You won’t find anyone else on earth that compares to the compassionate and friendly Mayans, who will happily invite you into their villages so you can experience their way of life. Nothing much has changed for them, their lives are still colourful and even though centuries have passed them by, they still remain true to their culture. For a more laid-back approach to your Central American holiday, visit the Garífuna Villages located along the coast and not too far from the unobtrusive town of Tela. Here you can get down with the locals and experience the casual African-Caribbean way of life.

The scenery here in Central America is to die for and will no doubt have you coming back for more as it’s so varied wherever you turn. There’s stunning Caribbean-like beaches of Mexico, mountains that pop out of the sky with the distinct aroma of coffee, awesome rainforest jungles to explore in addition to tiny Spanish haciendas and cobblestone colonial towns.

Sloth PanamaWatch as the colourful macaws circle above your head in the Parque Nácional Corcovado in Costa Rica. Slip into that wetsuit and go snorkelling in the waves of Belize where stingrays are known to brush passed as you explore the awesome reef at Caye Caulker. See the spectacular Mayan ruins in Honduras where you can go horse-riding through the forests or experience river tubing. Get close to the power of Mother Nature with a visit to Granada in Nicaragua where you can climb a variety of volcanoes. Explore the Cuban-like capital of Central America, Panama City with its fabulous colonial architecture and rhythmic vibes. Go hiking through Ruta de las Flores in El Salvador where you are more than likely to come across traditional coffee farms and quaint hillside towns brimming over with wildflowers. No matter what you decide to do, you won’t forget your Central America adventure.

Escorted tours to Central America typically include; return flights, transportation whilst in the resort, accommodation in good standard hotels, meals and a variety of included or optional excursions so you get to see the best bits in one great value holiday.


Things to do

Central America is a vast destination in the world to visit and isn't hugely popular as a holiday resort. Nevertheless, Central America provides the visitor with a wide range of places to see and activities to do, such as:

Rancho Humo, Protected and Nature Conservancy Reserve
Located in Guancaste, Costa Rica, Ranch Humo is the perfect place to visit if you're looking for a wildlife haven. Formerly a Cattle Farm, a wide variety of natural ecosystems can be found here from mangroves and wetlands to tropical rainforests. Due to the landscape, an abundance of wildlife can be found from ducks and hawks to Night Herons and roseate spoonbills. Remember your binoculars and a camera!

Panama City
Bringing with it a cosmopolitan air with its sky high towers, Panama City, is the Miami of Central America. Boasting lots of natural riches and vibrancy for everyone to see. As an alternative, visit Casco Viejo, if you're looking for ruins and cobbled streets resembling Havana. Panama City has plenty of buzzing cafes and pumping nightspots to keep you entertained throughout your break here.

Tikal, Guatemala
One of the most striking features to be found in Tikal are its deep sided temples rising to heights in excess of 40 metres. You will need to travel further into the Jungle should you wish to see these fabulous Mayan ruins so take a look above you as you may find an abundance of wildlife swinging from the trees.

Chichén Itzá, Yucatán
Quite simply one of the most famous and best restored of the Yucatán Maya sites to be found in Central America. Billed as one of the new seven wonders of the world, no visit to Central America would be complete without seeing this tremendous sight. There are a few passageways but it is forbidden to climb on the actual structures. If you can, plan to be in Chichén Itzá 20-21 March or 21-22 September, when the morning and afternoon sun produce an amazing illusion of light and shadow. 

The Hummingbird Highway, Belize
Looking for amazing scenery? You should be impressed with the landscapes you find as you follow the Hummingbird Highway that takes you through a mass of jungles and orchards. Try your hand at cave tubing at Cave's Branch or take a guided tour through St Herman's Cave where you'll see huge caverns, artefacts and Mayan ceremonial chambers.



Thinking of travelling to Central America? Check out the average temperatures for when you plan to visit courtesy of BBC Weather


Tips & Advice 

To help you have an enjoyable holiday in Central America, take a look at these useful tips and advice provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO):

Health and Travel Insurance
It is always advisable to check with your GP or the National Travel Health Network and Centre website to see whether you are recommended to have any vaccinations or preventive medical measures prior to travelling. Some countries will insist you have had certain vaccines before visiting, so it is always wise to check.

Travel Insurance is of paramount importance. You should always have adequate insurance that will cover you should you fall ill and need treatment whilst abroad. In extreme cases, you may need additional funds to pay for medical treatment and repatriation should it become necessary.

Emergency services contact numbers vary by country and are as follows:

Costa Rica: Dial 911 for an ambulance
Mexico: Dial 060, 065 or 068 for an ambulance
Panama: Dial 911 for an ambulance

Although we do not like to pre-empt problems whilst you are away, here at Door2Tour we believe it’s important that you stay vigilant at all times when exploring places with which you are unfamiliar.

When visiting Central America, it is important that you remain alert to the risks of crime. Tourists are sometimes seen as easy targets, so where possible keep your valuables in the hotel safe and avoid carrying large quantities of cash. 

Never leave drinks unattended, nor accept them from strangers or people you have only just met. Be aware that alcoholic beverages, in foreign countries, can be stronger than in the UK, so it is wise to know your limits.

Women especially should avoid walking around after dark and never leave the safety your travel group.

It is wise to check the individual country pages before you leave to get a better idea of crime levels where you are visiting.

Local Laws and Customs
When in Mexico you should carry a photocopy of your passport with you for identification purposes.

Never become involved with drugs in any way when in Central America, it can lead to large fines or long prison sentences.

Entry Requirements
It is important to always check the entry requirements for the country you intend to visit in Central America, as each one is likely to have different guidelines and passport validity requirements.

For example; Costa Rica requires visitors to pay a departure tax of $29.  When visiting Panama, British Citizens will not need a visa unless they are arriving via boat.

It is important to check these varying entry requirements before leaving for your holiday by using the FCO’s website.

Any other nationality looking to visit Central America must contact the local embassy to check visa requirements.

Tourist office
For further information about visiting Central America you can visit the official tourist website at

There is no spot in Central America which is more than 125 miles from the sea!