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Africa Escorted Tours

Africa Escorted Tours

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It's extremely difficult to put down in words what Africa tours have to offer the discerning traveller as the continent is so large and varied, there isn't anything you can't experience here during your holiday. Just make sure you have your camera fully charged as there will be many unforgettable moments you'll want to capture and share with your loved ones when you eventually decide to return home – it'll be a struggle to tear yourself away from this beautiful country but there's always a next time!

Like its esteemed neighbour, Africa has an abundance of wildlife to be proud of from the migrating wildebeest crossing the plains of the Serengheti in search of plentiful grazing grounds to watching millions upon millions of flamingos taking flight from the waters of a remote soda lake. There's wildlife for everyone here and the best way to experience it is to join an Africa Safari that may take you through the Loango National Park where you can witness the surfing hippopotami of Gabon and wake up to the sound of a lion's roar as the sun rises above the Masai Mara horizon. You can even join an escorted tour where you can walk in the footsteps of Diane Fossey through the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda until you come across the Susa Family of mountain gorillas relaxing on the Karisimbi slopes where no bars or fencing obstruct your view of these magnificent animals.

It's not only the wildlife that will lure you back to the plains of Africa, the infectious spirit of the locals will too with their laughing and singing and random dancing in the street. Haggle with an African merchant in the back streets of an Arabic medina. Dance with the locals to the infectious West African reggae beat or head to the coast for a spot of fishing where fisherman will show you how it's supposed to be done.

Africa tours will open up this great nation to you where you can uncover the ancient history of the Pharoah's in a land that time once forgot, Egypt. Feel the vibrancy of city life in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Experience the power of the Victoria Falls when visiting Zimbabwe or gaze in awe at mighty Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Relax on the stunning beaches of Casamance in Senegal or really lose yourself in Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh and you'll be saying 'Play It Again Sam' before you know it when touring Casablanca.

Escorted tours of Africa really do offer something for everyone and typically include; return flights, transportation whilst in the resort, accommodation in good standard hotels, meals and a variety of included or optional excursions to take in the best sights but if you miss anything out, there's always another Africa tour just waiting around the corner for you!


Things to do

Africa is one of the largest continents in the world therefore the area is vast with a multitude of things to do and places to visit. Here is just a small selection some of the places we feel you should visit during your holiday to Africa:

Located on the north coast of Africa, Tunisia is a fascinating place to visit with a varied history and landscape. Enjoying Mediterranean climes, the weather is the main draw for people to visit Tunisia as the conditions are perfect for lounging about on the beaches of Jerba and Sidi Bou Said. Take a look at the Roman mosaics in the Bardo Museum, spot the wildlife in Lake Ichkeul, swim in clear rock pools of Cap Bon, enjoy the nightlife of Hammamet or visit Ksar Ghilane where you can marvel at the shifting sands of the Sahara.

If it's wildlife you're looking for, Kenya should tick all the boxes for you so ensure you visit Lake Nakuru National Park or Tsavo National Park where you can also marvel at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Although wildlife is important here, so is Kenya's history so visit Mombasa Old Town, meander along the winding streets of Lamu and see the fascinating Gede Ruins. Do not leave Kenya without experiencing beautiful Masai Mara Reserve.

Nestled between the Kalahari Desert and the Atlantic, Namibia is one of the youngest countries in Africa. One sight that you cannot miss is the Fish River Canyon which is the 2nd largest in the world and it's landscape is mesmerizing. Admire the towering red dunes of Sossusvei, spend the day on the Swakopmund coast, witness the eerie landscape of Skeleton Coast then marvel at the beautiful animals in the Khaudom Game Reserve or Etosha National Park.

Is a little piece of paradise with so many alluring destinations to be found in one magnificent country. In Tanzania you will find some of the best locations for wildlife spotting including the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Aside from the wildlife, experience the night markets of Pemba, relax on the soft sands of Zanzibar, enjoy the panorama's of the Usambara Mountains, step back to the time of the Sultans in Kilwa Kisiwani then admire the awesomeness of Mount Meru.



Thinking of travelling to Africa? Check out the average temperatures for when you plan to visit courtesy of BBC Weather

Tips & Advice

To help you have an enjoyable holiday in Africa, take a look at these useful tips and advice provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO):

Health and Travel Insurance
Before you leave for your once in a lifetime holiday to Africa, it is wise to check with your GP to see whether you need any vaccinations or preventive medical treatment. You should also ensure you have adequate travel insurance which will cover you whilst you are away.

Some medical services in Africa are not up to the standard of hospitals in the UK, so it is wise to have extra funds in case you need to be evacuated to another country or for medical repatriation.

To call the emergency services for an ambulance, call the following numbers:
Egypt: dial 123
Kenya: dial 999
Morocco: dial 150
South Africa: dial 10177
Zambia: dial 999

Although we do not like to pre-empt problems whilst you are away, here at Door2Tour we believe it's important that you stay vigilant at all times when you are in new countries.

It's always important to remain alert to the risks of crime. In a lot of destinations, tourists are seen as easier targets, so where possible keep your valuables safe and avoid carrying large quantities of cash. 

Always buy your own drinks and never leave them unattended. Be aware that alcoholic beverages in foreign countries can be stronger than those served in the UK, so it is wise to know your limits.

Women especially should avoid walking around after dark in a lot of destinations.  

It is wise to check the individual country pages or the FCO website before you leave to get a better idea of crime levels in the areas you are planning to visit.

Local Laws and Customs
The countries in Africa have different laws and customs, so it is always recommended that you check the laws and customs in the country you are travelling into.

Some countries in Africa, for example, Egypt is Islamic and therefore you should always follow and respect local traditions and customs, especially during Ramadan. In Kenya, the coastal areas tend to be predominantly Muslim, so you should always dress modestly.

It is best to check the  FCO website for further guidelines that cover the country you are planning to visit.

Entry Requirements
British Citizens need to always check entry requirements when travelling to different countries in Africa. Some countries will require you to apply for a visa, whilst others will not for a certain period of time during your visit.

Your passport should always be valid for the entire duration of your planned trip, however, some countries can request you to hold an additional period of validity beyond this. Some countries will accept UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETD), however many have specific guidelines and so it is always wise to check.

Any other nationality looking to visit Africa, must contact the local embassy to check visa requirements.

Tourist offices
For further information about Africa, please go to the official tourism website at

There are around 1500 different languages and dialects spoken across Africa.