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Stand in the shadows of enormous buildings like the Colosseum on an itinerary to Western Mediterranean, explore seaside villages and ancient civilizations in Turkey and Greek Isles; experience the magnificence of Northern Europe.

From ancient architecture to modern cities, Europe is vast and so is its history. Plan your vacation and enjoy the picturesque landscape of this beautiful continent. Europe has it all – sophisticated beauty, refined architecture and a romantic atmosphere that attracts honeymooners and couples in droves every year.

Every corner of the continent is packed with spectacular attractions that are a must visit irrespective of the season. Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time making an itinerary for places to visit; it will take months for you to explore Europe’s tourist attractions. Have a look at some of the most popular ocean cruises offered.

The place is packed with beautiful sights to see and exciting things to do. Whether you are paying a visit to the magnificent ports of Greece, Spain, Italy and France, or planning a cruise to the northern part and sail the Norwegian fjords, you must be prepared. Since the itineraries are usually port intensive, it is important that you are well-prepared.

Finesse, cuisine and class are some of the things you can expect when you are on a European tour. Known for its beautiful beaches, a thriving surf scene as well as its restorative waters, the place offers visitors an extremely unique atmosphere for rest and relaxation. The location boasts posh spas and restaurants that thrive harmoniously alongside surf shops and casual pizzerias. In other words, whether you want to experience a posh vacation or a casual one, these cruises will not disappoint.

There are plenty of places in Europe that every tourist will fall in love with. The places comprises of a mix of wealthy summer retreats and grand houses that add an upscale atmosphere to the location. However, don’t let the posh environment fool you. The locals are quite welcoming so it would not be surprising if you make Europe your home away from home by relocating there once your trip ends.

The easy going surf culture is a riot for those who love to explore the waves and would like to hone their skills. The activity has deep roots in the town and almost all of its beaches offer state of the art equipment and facilities for surfers who flock to its coastline every year.

HelsinkiBaltic Cruises

These cruises are perfect for those who are looking for a little something extra. Discover magical destinations that you never thought were possible to visit by ship. These cruises are chock full of beautiful sights and destinations to explore.

Nestled in the beautiful port of Copenhagen, you will be warmly welcomed by the little mermaid that served as an inspiration for a number of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. You can stroll around the spectacular streets of Stockholm and grab a drink of your choice at the famous Ice Bar. Don’t forget to take your jacket along with you as it is going to be really cold out there. Be sure to visit the grand Majestic Museum located in Saint Petersburg and explore the historical treasures of Russia’s second largest city.

The cruise will open your eyes to natural wonders and the majestic charm of the North. From Norway, Sweden, Finland to Denmark, you will wake up each day to a mesmerising location and enjoy breathtaking views.

Highlights of a Typical Baltic Cruise

  • Bergen – The gateway to the fjords, Bergen is one of the most popular destinations on a Baltic cruise. It is a picturesque medieval city surrounded by mountains and greenery. The place is also home Bryggen – the old quayside that’s been declared as a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Oslo – The capital of Norway, Oslo is home to a number of parks, cathedrals and castles. One of the most popular places to visit in Oslo is Vigeland Park – a one-of-a kind sculpture park that is popular all over the world and is a must visit place for all visitors.
  • Stockholm – The old town of Stockholm is especially spectacular. Walking through the waterways and parks of the old town is the best way to explore the wonders of the city.
  • Helsinki – With its majestic beauty and charismatic appeal, Helsinki is the finest city in Finland and offers a number of beautiful sights to discover and experience including its amazing cathedral and diverse variety of parks and museums.

Monte CarloCruises to the Mediterranean

From the ancient remains and beautiful beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean to hip countries of the Western Mediterranean, the region is one of the most diverse places in the world. Soak up some sun, get a taste of the French countryside on the suburbs of Cannes and MonteCarlo or explore great places in Malta Istanbul; you’ll love enjoy every single moment of your time there. Some Mediterranean trips also take you through Northern Africa. The Canary Islands is a popular spot for most repositioning cruises.

  • Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Eastern Mediterranean covers a diverse range of territories that include Croatia, Adriatic coast of Italy, beautiful islands of Turkey, Istanbul, Greece and Kusadi, and the Black Sea that hugs the ports of Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. Some cruises also dip down into the Holy Island too with stops in Cyprus, Israel and Egypt.

  • Western Mediterranean Cruises

The Western Mediterranean region is all about sand, surf, arts, culture, boutique shopping and café hopping. The place also offers the most amazing variety of attractions, sights and activities. The place is much cheaper to cruise to Europe than plan a land-based trip.

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