Mini Cruise

AmsterdamIf you are new to the world of travelling through the oceans, you might want to consider mini cruises. A mini cruise can help in getting the overall idea of a journey through a cruise. They are inexpensive and short in duration so there is a minimum amount of risk involved. It is like a trial version of the actual trip. The mini cruise can range from two to six days. They offer more relaxed environment than the large ocean or river cruise options. The staff is friendlier with lavish food. It is a more informal and casual version of an ocean cruise.

An average mini cruise package includes proper accommodation, good food with first class entertainment, and lively and easygoing atmosphere. The mini cruise is used as the way to prepare customers for large cruise travels, therefore the best and friendliest services are offered. There is a strong emphasis on providing the best services to make more customers. The various services include: Jacuzzis, beauty parlors, private faculties and swimming pools.

Some of the top niche spots for mini cruises include


This is one of the most common places for mini cruise travels. Visit the famous Edinburgh Castle while spending a few hours strolling on Princes Street. It is a great option and will definitely motivate you to start your cruise adventures!


It is another popular stop for mini cruises. It is a developing city in the North of Spain. Some of the best tourist spots include the Dona Casilda Park, Plaza Nueva and Guggenheim Museum.


It is an amazing place to start your cruising experience with. The mini cruise travel will help you experience the cosmopolitan city to the peak. You will be able to explore 165 canals that Amsterdam is surrounded by and that make it one of the most beautiful destinations around the world.


It is another ideal place to start your cruising experience with. It is located between Brussels and Antwerp. It is a medieval city which is located in the center of Belgium. The attractions include Castle of the Counts, St Bavos Cathedral and St Michael’s Bridge, making it an ideal place for cruising for a short duration of time.

These are some of the options for starting your journey with a mini cruise. If you find that you are a cruise lover, the possibilities for cruise travel are limitless.