Yorkshire DalesIn 1972, the Emmerdale Farm graced TV screens throughout the United Kingdom. The fast-paced soap opera immersed viewers, and now, fans of the show will get to relive the experience by visiting its filming location.

People can take the Emmerdale Tours, a guided tour that takes them to different locations. You will get to visit the Otley town, the Esholt village, and pass by the original location of Emmerdale Farm.

Your guided tour will also take you past popular and familiar locations of Bob’s Café, Home Farm, and The Woolpack. If you are interested in exploring Emmerdale, you can sign up for the hit tour.

Information about the Tour

When Does the Tour Take Place?

Due to the popularity of the tour, the tour occurs throughout the year. The tour takes passengers around the Harewood Estate or Esholt, Yorkshire Dales and Otley.

How Much Does the Tour Cost?

Most tours are priced from around £100 per person.

Does the Tour Offer Any Accommodations?

The tour offers accommodation, meals, coach travel, and an informational tour of all the famous locations.

Emmerdale TourBrief History of the Famous Location

In 2015, it was announced that a tour of the famous set would now be open to the public. This was great news for long time fans of the TV show, the announcement made their dreams to visit and tour the set someday a reality. The tour provided them with an all access pass to all the wonderful locations they saw on TV.

In the earlier days of the soap opera show, fans willingly moved to Esholt so they could be near the show’s filming location. Since then, the site has transformed into a tourist attraction and a very successful one at that.

How to Come Prepared for the Tour?

If you are planning to sign up for the tour, you and anyone who is coming along with you will need to prepare for the tour. Here are some things you need to know before you visit:

What Should You Wear?

You need to proper shoes, as you will be touring the countryside. You should also prepare to stay warm and comfortable, as you never know when it can rain in the United Kingdom. You should carry an umbrella with you as well.

Can You Take Pictures?

The tour allows you to take pictures of all the famous locations you will encounter in your journey, but only for personal use. On the tour, you will get a chance to take pictures of the Home Farm, the Yorkshire countryside, the Woolpack pub, and other notable locations frequently features on the soap opera.

What Location Does the Tour Not Include?

The tour does not involve going to the actual set where the filming takes places, as it is a closed set. However, you will get to travel to all the original filming spots around West Yorkshire such as the towns of Esholt and Otley.

What Locations Will You Encounter on the Tour?

You will come across the following locations on the tour:

  • Esholt (filming took place there between 1976 and 1996)
  • The Woolpack and the surrounding areas
  • Otley (featured in the television show Hotton)
  • Holmfirth (the filming location for Last of the Summer Wine)
  • Goathland (the filming location for the show Heartbeat)

Will You Remain in the Coach the Entire Time?

You will get off the coach to explore and take pictures of the different locations. You can expect to get up close and personal to some of your most beloved locations shown on the show.

Will You Be Able to Purchase Food and Drinks?

You will come across a number of restaurants, pubs, and cafes in Esholt and Otley. You can purchase a drink in The Woolpack now known as the Inn. You are free to bring in snacks and drinks on the tour.

When Should You Book a Tour?

The weather up in Dales is extremely unexpected, as you never know when it can rain or snow. Out of all the months to book a tour, most tour companies recommend visitors booking a tour of the set in the months of April and May. If the winter months are the only time you can visit, book a tour.

Can People Who Require a Wheelchair to Move Come on the Tour?

Unfortunately, people who are wheelchair bound should not come on the tour, as it requires a lot of walking. However, if they do not mind sitting on the coach, as others explore, they are more than welcome to sign up for a tour of the location.

Have the Tickets to Go on the Tour Gone on Sale?

The tour is all set to take place between April 30th and October 31st.

While the cast and crew of the shows goes on a break, visitors from all over the United Kingdom will come through the gates to see the location of the beloved show. On the tour, the tour guide will provide them with stories and facts about the award winning soap opera. In the past, the tour has attracted more than 800,000 visitors.

This year, the tour companies, offering coach tours of the location, expect to get about the same or even more people to sign up for the tour. In order to book a tour of the location, people need to check in with their tour company to see the available dates for the tour. Since the tour is only open to public on selected dates, people need to book their tour in advance, as the tour sells out fast

If you are thinking of visiting the beautiful location known as Emmerdale, you need to start preparing for the tour. Look up tour companies, compare prices, and look at what they are offering as part of the package, before you sign up.