Cruising the Mediterranean

Cruising to the Mediterranean

Cruising the Mediterranean can be an excellent way to soak up the sun and get that all needed break away from the UK.


A few benefits to cruising are they can be inexpensive, and you have many choices between taking a mini cruise or a full cruise. This reduces the overall amount of risk involved. It is also a great alternative if you do not like flying and want to see as much as possible while on your break away. This creates a much more relaxed environment and gives you a chance to experience scenery and the weather as you spend your time on deck while cruising.


Cruising to the Mediterranean

Cruising to the beautiful beaches and cities of the Eastern Mediterranean to countries of the Western Mediterranean is a perfect way to experience as much as possible, the region is one of the most diverse places in the world.


Soaking up some sun and getting a taste of the French countryside in the suburbs of Cannes and Monte Carlo or explore great places in Malta Istanbul; you will enjoy every single moment of your time there.


Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Eastern Mediterranean covers a various range of territories that include Croatia, Adriatic coast of Italy, beautiful islands of Turkey, Istanbul, Greece and Kusadi, and the Black Sea that hugs the ports of Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia.


Western Mediterranean Cruises

The Western Mediterranean region is all about sand, surf, arts, culture, boutique shopping, and café hopping. The place also offers the most fantastic variety of attractions, sights, and activities.


A few key locations to visit while Cruising


The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam offers many great places for you to explore. Planning your itinerary will be crucial if you are only in Amsterdam for a short period. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Due to the fascinating beauty of Antwerp, small cruise vessels are sailing increasingly down the River Scheldt from the Northern Sea to Antwerp. You can see the artwork of famous artists like Jordeans, Dyck and Rubens displayed in St. Paul’s Church. You can visit the Diamond museum to explore how diamonds make it from the mine to the market.



Zeeburg has been listed as a UNESCO heritage site and offers a captivating mix of exciting places including restaurants, cafes, shops historic buildings and bars. You can spend hours looking around the vast central market square and the smaller but superb Burg Square, where the blood drop of Jesus from the crusades has been preserved in the Basilica of the Holy Blood.


It is another ideal place to start your cruising experience with, located between Brussels and Antwerp. The attractions include Castle of the Counts, St Bavos Cathedral and St Michael’s Bridge, making it an ideal place for cruising for a short duration of time. It is a medieval city in the center of Belgium.


One of the most beautiful ports of the world which has quite a few cafes, restaurants and art galleries you will have a great time here. Do make time for visiting Eugene Boudin Museum that has a collection of beautiful paintings and

Also, Honfleur offers a plethora of fun-filled activities to enjoy with the family. Renowned for its beauty and exclusivity. You can look forward to winding down after a long day watching beautiful sunsets.


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