A Complete Experience of Splendorous Spain

Cadaques SpainSpain is a land of exotic architectural monuments, gastronomic diversity, mesmerising natural beauty and of course, the birth ground of football fanatics.

Brimming with exciting festivals, visiting Spain is a must for anyone and everyone who seek to satisfy their wanderlust by indulging in the pleasure of travelling to beautiful places such as Spain.

So if you are ready to experience the cultural heritage and the celebratory spirit of Spain, then below is a list of things you can do on coach trips to Spain:

1.     Visiting the Balearic Islands

Brimming with natural beauty, Spain is home to some of the most exalted sights a person can experience, to truly marvel at the vastness of the universe. Located on a little off-side on the east coast of Spain, the Balearic Islands are heart-stirring.

Nestling in the shape of four small islands to form a larger one, the Balearic Islands offer you the most dynamic diversity to awe at. Visit the island of Ibiza, notorious for its insane party scene where everything about life is living in the moment. While for a calmer, more tranquil experience, you need to head off to Menorca Island. As if an oasis in the middle of the sea, this island is the perfect place to seek the solace within you.

For a more physically active and engaging experience, it is imperative to visit the Mallorca. With a long stretch of mountains, this island fulfils your daydreams of great hiking experiences in the heart of rejuvenating rainforests. And along with each different experience, you get to bask in the enlivening breezes of the Mediterranean Sea.

2.     Visiting Al Hambra

Home to the first ever of his name- Nasrid King, Al Hambra concaves in its architecture the rich history of Spain. This eminent court offers breathtaking views of the city of Granada and is located at the apex of the hills. Boasting an intricate internal structure, the complicated structure of Al Hambra still leaves the visitors in wonder.

As you make your way into the lives of monarchs, get ready to marvel at the sensual open-air regal baths, the exquisite marble fountains, the lush pomegranate gardens and the magnificent ceiling work. And, don’t forget to click some pictures with the three-faced lion statue for your aesthetics.

Alhambra Palace3.     Visiting Cordoba

Cordoba is the acme of medieval architecture. The Mezquita de Cordoba allures visitors with its meticulous marble flooring, its large arches with delicate craftwork, the festooned prayer halls and the noteworthy designed columns. The opulently ornamented architecture and the mystical mosques genuinely reflect the historic achievements of the 10th Century Spanish Regime.

4.     Visiting Toledo

Spain is momentously rich in history which has shaped its cultural heritage. An emblem of Spain’s colossal history is the city of Toledo. This city was a home ground to several different religions that flourished in its nest such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

So to honestly do justice to its far-flung horizons, visiting the city’s favourite spot, the Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca is a must. Also, you can savour in the history by marvelling at the complex yet baroque architecture of the numerous cathedrals it has.

However, if you are more of a quiet and mellow person who prefers peace over the noisy crowds then taking a walk on the Alcantara Bridge can prove to be exceptionally solitary for you. The bridge overlooks dense pastures of floral beauty and radiates off of the enchanting fragrance that offers you food for your soul.

5.     Visiting Valencia

Satisfy your artistic desires by making your way into the fascinating region of Valencia. Known for its avant-garde structure, Valencia stretched over a long land of 2 kilometres with an ultra-modern glass décor.

At this complex, prepare yourself to be magnetised by the expansive masterpieces of art with an extensive collection of traditional and contemporary artworks at the outdoor art gallery. More sights to visit in this complex are the Umbracle, the Imax Cinema, the Laserium in the Hemispheric and a nursery of the most outlandish plant breeds. In addition, you can also learn more about scientific discoveries and progress at the Principe Felipe Science Museum.

Entertainment in Valencia is endless as you get to visit the Palau de les Reina Sofia which is the most sought-after opera house in all of Europe. An ideal place to visit with kids and family is the Oceanografico which is known as the largest aquarium in the continent and houses a diverse assortment of sea life creatures.

Madrid6.     Visiting Barcelona

If you are unfamiliar with the cultural legacy of Barcelona then you must have heard of the city in correspondence to its football frenzy. The modern-day Barcelona boasts a number of exciting places to visit such as theatres, cinemas, eateries and of course, football ground.

But to delve into the depths of Barcelona’s captivating past, visit the Church of the Sacred Family. What is so enthralling about this church is that its construction began back in 1882 and due to some paranormal activities, anecdotes suggest that its completion (it still hasn’t been completed yet) will also mark the end of the world.

7.     Visit Ronda

Ronda rests in the very core of Andalusia. This is a secluded little town in Spain that boasts enchanting caves and revitalising greenery. The hilltops and their complicated, yet delicate structure have an air of intimacy which makes it a perfect place to spend a romantic evening at. And those with keen eyes and aesthetic covetous are in luck to find this place as it serves as an iconic background for photography. A galore of ancient grandeur is found in each of Ronda’s cobweb-like cobblestone streets.

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