15 Fun Facts About Vampires

With the imminent release of the final part of the Twilight Saga: Part 2 Breaking Dawn on 16th November 2012, we at Door2Tour thought it would be fun to research a bit further into the world of Vampires and provide some fun (if you can call it that) facts about our pointy tooth foes! Take a look at what we have discovered below and let’s hope things don’t go bump in the night for you on Friday… 1) The oldest known vampire legends come from Babylonian and Sumerian mythology. 2) Female demons called the Lilu were said to hunt women […]

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Show Review of Let It Be

Our Guest Blogger, Katie, has been to London’s glittering West End again with a theatre break from Door2Tour coach trips to see The Beatles inspired ‘Let It Be’. She had such a fabulous time that she wanted to share her experience with you all so here is her mini review of the show and if you’ve also been to see it, why not get in touch and tell us your favourite part too… This new West End show, celebrating 50 years since the debut of ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles, opened just a few weeks ago for a short run […]

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How to get over your Holiday Hangover

You’ve traversed different lands, been blown away by new sights and cultures, crossed something off your bucket list and met some great new friends in the process. But as that famous saying goes, all good things come to an end, which in the world of holidays can only mean one thing…you have to go home. After even the most enthusiastic wine-tasting tour of the French vineyards or the most potent Greek Ouzo, nothing is as deadly as the Holiday Hangover. Sweaty palms, nausea and a general feeling of dread about returning to mundane everyday life are among the key symptoms […]

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Isle of Wight

It maybe tiny but it packs a big punch

No matter what the weather, the Isle of Wight is always a popular destination for day trips or short breaks away. The beautiful island is home to Queen Victoria’s private beach at Osborne House which is now open to the public for the first time. Plus it has recently had a royal visit from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during the last day of their Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK, where well-wishers greeted them in Cowes. So if you fancy holidaying at a royal seaside retreat, take a look at Door2Tour’s pick of things see and do […]

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Top Tacky Souvenirs

With the School Summer Holidays almost over and everyone returning to their normal routine of school and work, we thought it would be great fun to think about those fabulous holiday souvenirs. Everyone’s had the experience of receiving a tacky souvenir from a friend or relative that’s been on holiday and for us at Door2Tour.com, there’s so many in the building, it’s unreal! One of our departments even has a competition where the aim of the game is to find the tackiest and cheapest souvenir possible and bring it back for the ‘Tack Shelf’. So we’ve taken some inspiration from […]

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Cavern Club

50 years of The Beatles

This year is a very special one for The Beatles home city of Liverpool, as they celebrate 50 years in the music business. It was on 18th August 1962 that The Beatles headlined in the local Horticultural Society’s 17th Annual Dance. The foursome went on to storm the top of the charts with their first release, Love Me Do, in 1962. From that point onwards, Beatlemania took over the nation, with the group releasing 12 studio albums and selling over a billion records worldwide. Here’s how you can celebrate 50 years of the legends that are The Beatles with Door2Tour […]

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Phantom of the Opera

Grab a Theatre Show on tour

The thought of heading into London for a theatre show may not be the most enticing prospect whilst the current sporting events are taking place. The city is bursting at the seams and transport is screeching to a halt… So why bother when some of your favourite theatre shows are touring various locations in the UK?! Here are some of our faves from the Door2Tour.com team… Dirty Dancing The much-loved record breaking smash hit musical, Dirty Dancing, is embarking on its first ever national tour. It will be going to various locations including Birmingham , Edinburgh, Sunderland and Liverpool. Join […]

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