Military Events – Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom

Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom is a military event celebrated in honour of the many brave men and women who are giving or have given their services in the British Armed Forces. It was formerly known as veteran’s day and was first celebrated in the year 2006. In 2009, it took the name of Armed Forces Day and now, is largely celebrated on the last Saturday of June but some places may celebrate it near to this date. On 25th June 2016, the United Kingdom is celebrating its 11th Armed Forces Day all across the country but it […]

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Chelsea Flower Show

Facts about Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show 2016 is just round the corner, so here are a few facts about it that you will find interesting: Fact #1 The Royal Horticulture Society was formed back in 1804 and the show was originally known as the Royal Horticultural Society’s Great Spring Show, which was held at the RHS Garden in Kensington for the first time in 1862. The show was moved to its current location in 1913. Fact #2 In 1926, the show was postponed for a week due to the General Strike. Fact #3 In 1927, there was a huge campaign, which advocated […]

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How to Stay Safe at Concert Events

Here are some of the top safety tips that you should know about if you will be attending concert events: Check out the Venue In order to be safe, it is recommended that you checkout the venue before the concert. The venue generally indicates the kind of show that will take place and the kind of crowd that you can expect. If you have never heard of the place before, then it is suggested that you search the internet in order to read the reviews about the place. Take a Friend Along Sometimes it is best to take a along […]

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Tips for Attending Outdoor Concert Events

If you are planning on attending outdoor concert events this year, then it is recommended that you read the following tips: Stay Hydrated It is important that you take a water bottle with you so that you can overcome dehydration. Outdoor concerts have a large audience, which increases your chances of getting dehydrated. Take your own water bottle and keep sipping from it time to time. Dress According to the Weather Do check the weather forecast before leaving. If it is going to be hot, then wear cool and comfortable clothes, whereas if the night will be chilly, then keep […]

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List of Military Events in 2016

The military events in UK are enjoyed by the people from the military as well as the civilians. Here is a list of military events that will take place this year: February A Walk through History will take place on the 28th of the month the Second World War’s airfield, which is located in Nuthamspstead. March Some of the main military events that will take place in the month of March are MIlitaria and Aviation Fair (13th March), SMVG Military Swap Meet (20th March), Kenley AutoJumble (20th March), Soviet Threat (26th and 27th March). April The military events that will […]

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Chelsea Flower Show Garden

Chelsea Flower Show – The plants’ catwalk

The Chelsea Flower Show The Chelsea Flower Show being held on the 24th – 28th of May 2016 is the most famous garden show around the world since 1912. The event is organized by the Royal Horticulture Society and is held at the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. People from all over Europe visit London annually to be amazed by the horticultural skills in the United Kingdom. The event requires advanced booking through RHS or It can cater to the capacity of 157,000 people which is limited by the 11 acre grounds of the venue. What’s Interesting? Well […]

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List Of Show Events In London 2016

Here are a list of show events which will take place in London this year. March The show events that will take place in March are Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre, Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race, Oranges’ and Lemons’ Service, Ideal Home Show – Spring, and the Artivist Film Festival. April The show events that will take place in April are British Travel Week, Hot Cross Bun Ceremony, John Stow’s Quill Pen Ceremony, London Marathon, and the Spital Sermon Procession. May The show events that will take place in May are Beating the Bounds, Cavalry Memorial Parade, Ceremony of the […]

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