Coach Holidays

Britain’s Got Talent

Unless you have been on Mars this weekend, you should know by now that the winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent was in fact Jai McDowell who beat controversial favourite Ronan Parke into second place. BUT did you know that by taking coach holidays, you’ll find that Britain is talented in many other ways? Just take a look at our amazing guide to some of the wacky skills that the people of Britain possess – surely some of these talented individuals should appear in the next series, what do you think? Cheese-rolling This bizarre annual event attracts participants, spectators […]

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Have you been caught up in the ticket fiasco?

A dark cloud appears to be hanging over a particular sporting event before coach holidays to the event have even begun especially since the recent ticket fiasco. With many of us trying to get our hands on these elusive tickets, news that The Government has bought 9,000 of them (including 3,000 for civil servants and others involved in the event) will be as welcome as a lead balloon! Almost 250,000 people will not be seeing any of the most sought-after events while thousands of others have received only a fraction of the seats that they originally applied for. To add insult to […]

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Celebrate St George’s Day

For the majority of people living in England, St George’s Day is just another ordinary working day. But did you know you can follow tradition simply by wearing a red rose in your buttonhole whilst sitting at your desk in the office? Us English are not tuned in to celebrating our National Day, unlike the Americans who put on huge firework displays to mark Independence Day (4th July) or the Irish who choose St Patricks Day to drink plenty of Guinness (a good excuse for us too) and host huge street parades. How about this St George’s Day, we get […]

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Grand National

Have a Hot Date this April!

The clocks are going forward and the warmer weather has started to put in an appearance, but the real thing hotting up at this time of year is the English events calendar. April marks the beginning of events coach holidays season, kicking off a plethora of exciting events across the country. Starring a world-famous horse race (the Grand National), the largest annual fundraising event on the planet (the London Marathon) and a certain little wedding (where have you been?), April’s diary is packed to the rafters with fun stuff. Take a look at what’s going on that you could be a […]

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