Cruising the Mediterranean

Cruising to the Mediterranean Cruising the Mediterranean can be an excellent way to soak up the sun and get that all needed break away from the UK.   A few benefits to cruising are they can be inexpensive, and you have many choices between taking a mini cruise or a full cruise. This reduces the overall amount of risk involved. It is also a great alternative if you do not like flying and want to see as much as possible while on your break away. This creates a much more relaxed environment and gives you a chance to experience scenery […]

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Ocean Cruise

The ocean cruise is among the oldest type of voyages. There is no other type that even comes close to this kind of enthralling experience. The trip usually provides a great value for money as the experience is truly priceless. The contemporary cruising in today’s world is a whole range of different activities and interests combined. A range of quality restaurants, high ambiance hotels, gyms, swimming pools, theatre, cinema and other fun activities are available. This experience is much more than a river cruise as it gives a whole new experience on a larger scale. One of the benefits of […]

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5 Best Mini Cruise Port Destinations in Northern Europe

Call it city break with a twist or a romantic escape; a mini cruise could be the perfect addition to you existing holidays. A mini or short cruise is perfect for beginner cruises and travellers who are on a short visit or for tourists who are short on time. Typically, mini cruises may range from 2 to 5 nights. It is a great opportunity to unwind and enjoy nature up close. Mini cruises provide a sneak peek into cruising and help you get a taste of all traditional cruise facilities, without being too time consuming or costly. Warm welcomes, luxurious […]

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Top Ocean Cruises

Stand in the shadows of enormous buildings like the Colosseum on an itinerary to Western Mediterranean, explore seaside villages and ancient civilizations in Turkey and Greek Isles; experience the magnificence of Northern Europe. From ancient architecture to modern cities, Europe is vast and so is its history. Plan your vacation and enjoy the picturesque landscape of this beautiful continent. Europe has it all – sophisticated beauty, refined architecture and a romantic atmosphere that attracts honeymooners and couples in droves every year. Every corner of the continent is packed with spectacular attractions that are a must visit irrespective of the season. […]

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Mini Cruise

If you are new to the world of travelling through the oceans, you might want to consider mini cruises. A mini cruise can help in getting the overall idea of a journey through a cruise. They are inexpensive and short in duration so there is a minimum amount of risk involved. It is like a trial version of the actual trip. The mini cruise can range from two to six days. They offer more relaxed environment than the large ocean or river cruise options. The staff is friendlier with lavish food. It is a more informal and casual version of […]

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River Cruises: Our Top Picks

As its River Cruise Wednesday we thought we would take a look at some of more unusual River Cruises available to explain a little more about the great sights you can see whilst away. Not all River Cruises simply tour up and down the Rhine and the Moselle, there is plenty more alternative itineraries which stop at some of the best cities in Europe. Romantic Danube Cruise – Passau, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest This 12 day cruise down the Danube is a great way to see some of the best cities in Europe including Vienna. On route to the Austrian […]

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Grand Round the World Cruise

Needless to say, when our best EVER cruise the Grand Round the World Cruise became available we all spent a few moments in awe about some of the wonderful locations you’d get to see. After all, you can see plenty in 121 days and it has to be the best holiday ever right?! We thought we’d take a closer look at our Magellan cruise to find out a little more about this wonderful adventure and if it does take your fancy if you book by the 30th November you will get a complimentary cabin upgrade – well worth it if […]

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