Royal Ascot

Ascot Coach Trips: Tips for First Timers

Royal Ascot is one of the biggest racing events in the country and even the world as well. Have you ever been on Ascot coach trips before?  If this is your first time, then you should definitely follow our advice so that you can get through the day easily!  Trust us, it’ll be a lot of fun… and glamorous! So here is how you can make the most of your Royal Ascot coach holidays.  Keep your belongings with you Even though attempts have been made to decrease the total number of attendees, the Royal Ascot is still a busy place, […]

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The Best Escorted Tours of Croatia

Croatia sees sun round the year, which is why it is probably a favourite among many European travellers. The beautiful islands and the historic towns have so much to offer in terms of sweeping cliffs and rolling vineyards.  Let’s look at the most popular spots that the best escorted tours of Croatia make. Dubrovnik Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, this is probably one of the most visited sites in Croatia with its sea walls that are surrounded by the Lovrijenac fortress, stunning terracotta rooftops and the cliff. If you want to enjoy beautiful views, you should take the […]

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Andre Rieu

André Rieu in Vienna 2018

André Rieu is visiting Austria again 2018 at Vienna! His waltz and orchestra performances are truly one of their kind.  For all those who attend, it is definitely an evening that they remember for life. But tickets sell fast, so do get one for his 2018 concerts soon! Door2Tour offers prearranged packages for musical tours hosted by André Rieu in Vienna 2018 as well as in other places. Andre Rieu will be in Vienna on June 2, 2018 as per his tour calendar but our excursion will kick off on May 31, 2018. The concert takes place in central Vienna […]

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Austria Coach Holidays: The Best Places to Visit

Thinking of availing Austria coach holidays? The country has a rich history, and is filled with beautiful places. So many activities are distinct to just Austria, which is regarded as Europe’s capital of winter sports. But that doesn’t mean that it gets any less popular in the summers. Austrian villages have tales to share and the magnificent Alps offer several winding paths for hiking.  Of all the attractions, which ones are a must? Here are the top most things to do in Austria. Schönbrunn Palace Among the most popular attractions in Europe, Schönbrunn Palace houses 1441 rooms.  It was built […]

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Brighton Coach Holidays: Where Should You Stay?

Brighton is a vibrant and diverse city perched next to the seaside. Most of the major attractions are just some minutes walk away from each other. But despite being small, you can have a wonderful time here. So are you planning Brighton coach holidays?  Where are you staying or yet to decide? Here are favourite accommodation choices in the town. The King’s Road Most of the largest and the grandest hotels in Brighton are on this road.  The buildings are Victorian styled, adorned with tapestries and chandeliers, and the dining restaurants are world class. As for the rates, most of […]

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World War II

World War II Tours: Key Sites

The Second World War was fought in the years between 1939 and 1945 – the years that saw what was probably the deadliest battle in the world. Though there are debates regarding the actual date when the war was started, most of the historians concur that that it was the 1st of September in the year 1939. Battlefields WW2 tours are always interesting and full of knowledge. The following are some of the most popular spots. D-Day Landing Beaches in Normandy Among the most popular tours, the starting place is the British Sector. Be sure to check out the Pegasus […]

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F1 Breaks

Grand Prix Weekend Packages: Tips for Fans

Do you want to attend an F1 race? How do you plan the trip? Which Grand Prix weekend packages should you select? We’d like to share some tips so that you can make the most of your experience. Deciding the race that you want to witness F1 races are 21 in all, spread throughout the year. Most of the tracks are either located in major cities or close by. Ever wanted to visit any of these places? Then plan your F1 trip such that you get to watch the race, and visit all major attractions which the place has to […]

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