Croatia: A Quick Overview

Planning a visit to Croatia? A place that is famous for so many things such as its atmospheric Roman ruins, amphitheatres, beaches, national parks and of course, the Games of Thrones. Here is some useful information if you’re touring Croatia. Climate Croatia can be divided into three distinguishing climatic zones: central mountainous, inland continental and the coastal Mediterranean.  The climate in coastal areas is hot and dry in the summer season. For the mainland, it is more continental and the winds are colder.  Rain and fog are common during the autumn season. Language Croatian is a difficult language, but you […]

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Battlefield Tours: Somme Trail Guide

The Somme battlefields earned their name from the river that is nearby, initiating at Peronne and then flowing across Amiens.  The battlefield area where the fight took place is off the road that goes from Albert to Bapaume. It served as the staying place for the British. The French fought the war from the Southern side. Somme is a popular battlefield destination because the Great War took place at this site – a home to relics, memorials, cemeteries and museums.  The trench warfare also took place here between the main battles. Both sides fired shells at each other and raided […]

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Brazil Escorted Tours: Why Should You Visit?

Brazil is among the biggest and most diverse countries of the world, boasting of a magnificent economy, a rich culture and a love for sports. The country is filled with friendly people, unique plants, and exotic species. All around, it is surrounded by green forests, or golden beaches.  Is this the only reason as to why you should consider Brazil escorted tours? Not really – the country is affordable as well.  The exchange rate is good, and accommodation is economical, all the more reason to explore the largest nation in South America. Let’s take a detailed look at all things […]

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Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

A Visit to Bletchley Park…

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit Bletchley Park, nestled in the Heart of England between Oxford and Cambridge, this former military establishment played a key role in speeding up the end of the Second World War by an estimated 12-18 months. Located outside of London and far away from the risk of wartime bombing, Bletchley Park showed great appeal to MI6 and GC&CS as a possible hub for the intelligence services. The mansion and 58 acres of land were privately brought for a princely sum of £6,000 in 1938, before the war had even started, the purchase was kept […]

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Andre Rieu

André Rieu Concerts: Common Queries

What are the dates for the 2018 concert at Maastricht? The dates for this year are July 6 to 8, July 13 to 15 and July 20 to 22. What is the starting time for the concert? The concert is scheduled to take place on the Vrijthof square at 9 pm. The orchestra begins at 8 pm. You can enter from the Statenstraat, Grote Staat or Bredestraat.  The ticket office is situated at Statenstraat, and opens at 5 pm, whereas the gates are opened at 6:30 pm. What time does the place close down? The place is shut off for […]

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Asia Buddhist Monks

Asia Escorted Tours: What You Should Do Before Travelling

Asia escorted tours are so fun and exciting – after all, it is the largest and the biggest continent in the world. You get to experience so much; the rich cultures, the tales of history, a new adventure every single day and the beauty and warmth of the natives whom you come across.  But before you jump on the coach, train or plane, here is what you should have already done. Visit a travel clinic Vaccinations are an essential part of travelling prerequisites. And some of them even require multiple shots, spread over a couple of months for you to […]

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Ascot Coach Packages: Your Guide to Survive the Day

The Ascot races are so much fun – and every single year that is!  But for you to be able to enjoy the day, you need some handy tips. So here is how you can prep up for one of the most thrilling races of the year. Get yourself a race card So that you don’t miss out on any essential information. Yes, your tour guide will be sharing the details with you, but buying a race card is still a good idea. You’d get to know everything about the races, the jockeys and the horses. And if there is […]

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