Disneyland Paris

Coach Trips to Disneyland Paris: Have the Time of Your Life

So you want to get on board one of the coach trips to Disneyland, Paris. You’ll enjoy your time there to the utmost while getting full value for your money. Coach trips to Disneyland, Paris are well organised and available at affordable rates. How can you make the most out of your trip? Read on for our suggestions! Make sure your trip has enough days You want complete value of your money, right? Ensure that your trip isn’t too short, or you will probably not get to enjoy everything, and will just be making efforts to cram it all up. […]

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English Cottage

UK Coach Holidays: Why Should You Opt for Them?

Want to go for a trip without overspending? UK Coach holidays; you’ll come across some of the best tours at affordable rates when you search for them. Here is why coaches should be your chosen method of travel. Because you are a priority! The management staff on coaches takes good care of you throughout the trip. Their itineraries are well-planned such that your trip is fun and hassle free. Good value for your money Coach trips provide you the best value for money.  The tickets are available at low rates, and many discounted deals are offered as well, which reduce […]

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Tossa de Mar

Coach Holidays to Spain: Make Your Journey Comfortable

So, you are planning coach holidays to Spain! An immense amount of fun they would be, but they can be long as well, depending on your destination. Here are some tips on making them more comfortable and relaxing. Wear comfy shoes We cannot stress this enough; generally, trips are filled up with long walks and hikes, so put on your most comfortable shoes.  And keep an extra pair, just in case. Don on comfortable clothes Wear lose fitting clothes – tees and jeans usually work the best, but layer up, because coach temperatures can get a little cold. Have a […]

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British Grand Prix

Belgian Grand Prix Packages: A Guide

The Belgian Grand Prix is all set to take place on Sunday, August 27, from 2 pm onwards. Are you looking around for the best grand prix packages? It all comes down to the tickets and costs. Here is some information that would really help you out. General Admission Tickets for the General Admission start around £121 and £144, for a Sunday only and 3-day pass respectively. If your budget is higher, you can get it upgraded to get access to the young motorsport area. Grandstands Grandstands can be divided into silver and Gold. The Gold grandstands are located along […]

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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Coach Breaks in the UK: The Most Popular Attractions

What do you generally do on Christmas day? Spend most of it by the stove, and tend to a number of guests? Give yourself a break! Instead of spending, the festival in a traditional way, why don’t you plan Christmas Coach breaks in the UK? Yes, coaches! Because they are sure to keep your costs down, while delivering a great experience. Great, you are going to avail Christmas coach breaks, but where would you go? Here are the most popular festive attractions in the area! Burning the Clocks The folks of Brighton and Hove prepare beautiful lanterns, made from willow […]

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Rialto Bridge

Coach Holidays to Europe: Packing Advice

Planning coach holidays to Europe? You know you should keep your luggage to a minimum, but what should you pack, and what can you leave behind? Here is what we suggest. The Bag Most of the coaches allow luggage of the same size as the ones on an airplane, along with a hand carry.  But, the space on a coach is much less than an airplane, so instead of a hand carry, you would be better off with a smaller piece like a backpack or something similar. The Clothes Would casual clothing do or should you keep some formal attire […]

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Christmas Market Breaks: Tips for Making the Most Out of Them

Lights, camera, action! Christmas markets are one of the best ways to spend this festive season, which is celebrated amidst tasty holiday sweets and the most delicious of wine. So, how do you make your Christmas market breaks even more special? Follow our tips! Prices are different with every market Generally the well known markets and more popular destinations charge more than others. So, if you are buying something expensive, do talk to your program director or trip manager, and take their buying advice. Bartering is not so common in some parts of Europe. Buy something only if you think […]

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