America Escorted Holidays: Why Should Florida be on Your Destination List?

Are you planning America escorted holidays? Is Florida on your list of places to visit?  Put it there right now if you haven’t done it already.  Florida has an incredible weather round the year. The blue skies, the sparkling beaches, the tasty seafood and the so many opportunities for adventures – it really is a premier destination if you are looking around for a good vacation. Here is why. St Augustine The oldest US city that is famous for its Spanish inspired architecture, quaint cafes and the ghost stories. Do check out the 17th century fortress and the spring water […]

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Argentina Escorted Tours: Why Should You Plan a Visit?

Planning Argentina escorted tours? There are so many reasons as to why you should visit. Argentina is known in South America for being the 3rd most populated country, and the biggest Spanish speaking nation in the world. The country has beautiful landscapes, perfect for all your selfies, and boasts of a rich culture and history. The nightlife is lively, the cuisines are unique, and you’d find dishes from across the continents on the menu here. This country definitely attracts tourists by the thousands every year. If you haven’t yet been on Argentina escorted tours yet, here is why you should […]

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Ascot Races: The Whens, Whats and Whys

When The 2018 Ascot races are all set to begin on Tuesday, June 19 till Saturday, June 23. The Ladies will be on Thursday, June 21. What A fashionable, competitive environment that is guaranteed to set your heart racing and your excitement soaring. And oh, the Royal Family of England graces this auspicious occasion. Why Because it’s so glossy! The five event days are filled with so much fun and thrill! The races are of the highest quality and the horses so handsome! Dressing is modest: skirts below the knees, no spaghetti straps or off the shoulder blouses, hats at […]

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Vienna Sunset

Austria Coach Holidays: Why Should You Make this Trip?

Austria is visited by so many people because of its charming villages, cake and coffee. If you have not visited this country yet, now is the time to plan Austria coach holidays.  Here is why. Vienna is known of its quality of life Vienna, a city in Austria, has bagged the title, City with the Best Quality of life, eight times consecutively. The main reasons are its rich culture, clean air, cheap rents and low crime rates. Trek the Alpine Summits Austria is a place for all outdoor lovers. If you are into hiking, you will love the climb up […]

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Birmingham Tattoo

Birmingham Military Tattoo

The Birmingham Military Tattoo is a yearly event that takes place at the National Indoor Arena or the NIA at King Edward’s City road. Every year, thousands and thousands of people fill up in buses and cars to participate in the event, which has been thrilling the attendees for the past 20 years. The occasion lasts for three hours during which amazingly spectacular performances are put up on the stage. The main highlights of the performance are the massed bands, the Lone Piper and the Field Gun competitions. The performing bands belong to several different countries. Over a 1000 members […]

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Battlefield Tours: Flanders Guide

Do tales of the past entice you? If so, then you should definitely visit sites where the great battles of history took place – sites that witnessed all the blood and carnage. Battlefield tours are really popular and should definitely be embarked upon. Among all the places that you can possibly visit, Flanders is quite popular and holds significance. Here is a quick Flanders tour guide. Day 1 Begin your adventure from the Cloth Hall, situated in Ypres.  Start following the bronze rivet that is set into stones, taking up around three miles from the Heritage Footpath. These rivets give […]

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Ascot Coach Packages: A Beginners’ Guide

Ascot is among the most popular race courses in the entire country where some of the most exciting races in the world take place. People from across the globe come at the tracks to witness the excitement and the fun. And oh, the Royal family graces the event, so it is indeed, an auspicious occasion – definitely worth attending! If you’re witnessing the races for the first time, then here is some advice for you. On which days should you attend the event? The Royal Ascot lasts for five days, usually beginning on Tuesday, and continuing till Saturday. The first […]

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