Coach Holidays to Spain: Top Things to Do

Planning coach holidays to Spain? Your chosen tour operator would have already planned out the itinerary for you. While the exact details vary from operator to operator, most of the things below would be included. What if they aren’t? Try going by yourselves, whenever you can split away from the group, because not one of them are worth missing. The oh so delicious tapas Available at every bar with whatever drink you order, tapas are awesome. So, try out different bars, and see where you find the yummiest of them. Wherever you go, we can sum it up as great […]

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Christmas Coach Trips: Hit London before the Festivities Kick Off

Where do you spend your Christmas? If you are a Londoner, you would want to leave the city and head off elsewhere for your Christmas breaks. But surprisingly, we’ll tell you otherwise. London is one of the best places to spend Christmas at. Here is why you should stay. Because London gets magical – Believe it or not, London gets magical on Christmas day. The entire city is adorned with lights, resulting in a sight so spectacular that you would hardly ever see it in any other UK city. Plus, there is music and carols all around. This, paired with […]

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Thursford Christmas

The Thursford Christmas Show

Thursford is a small, rural village, located several miles away from the nearest major town. The closet neighbours to this place are the Great and Little Snoring villages. Despite being so tiny, why is this village so famous? Yes, it is because of its fine collection of antique Wurlitzers and traction engines, but there is a much bigger reason. Yes, you guessed it! Their Christmas show! What started off from a from a local farm shed with only 50 attendees 41 years ago is now regarded as the largest Christmas event in Europe. Every year, the show is attended by […]

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Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix Packages: Some Pointers

The Monaco circuit, formally known as Circuit de Monaco, hasn’t changed too much since it witnessed its first race, back in the year 1950. Regarded as the jewel of all circuits, the track is narrow, resulting in a high speed and adrenaline rushing chase – a race that every F1 driver desires to win. Monaco is considered to be a glamorous country, and so this F1 destination is believed to be for the rich and famous only. Indeed, the average ticket prices are among the highest for all circuits, but it is still possible to enjoy a Monaco race at […]

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Eiffel Tower

Coach Trips to Paris

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world.  Going by plane or train is expensive, so people often opt for coach trips to Paris, which are a more affordable option. Door2Tour offers a number of these at an affordable rate. When planning out the itineraries, we try to fit in as many popular destinations as we can during the duration. Here are some of our favourite ones. Musée d’Orsay Musée d’Orsay is home to the world’s biggest masterpiece collection that includes Degas, Monet, and Manet. Plus, there are two amazing cafés and a restaurant that offers world […]

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Christmas Cake

Tinsel and Turkey Holidays: Let’s Celebrate Christmas a Lil’ Early

Christmas is our favourite festival of the year, and you’d agree, right? Awesome! Then let’s celebrate it two times this year: once in December when the actual festivities take place, and once in November or early December by going away for a tinsel and turkey break! Trust us, they’ll be one of the best trips that you’ve ever had. What can you expect of a tinsel and turkey break? Like we said, it is Christmas prior to the actual Christmas, so it is very much like it. There is food, there is music, there are carols, there are Christmas trees, […]

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Coach Holidays: Keeping Yourself Entertained During the Long Rides

So you are planning to whisk off in a coach to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, or may be some other city in the UK itself. An awesome way to save on your travelling expenses. Plus, you get to enjoy so many breathtaking scenarios as you wind down the roads. And, let’s not forget the fact that you don’t have to make too many arrangements, other than book coach holidays to your favourite place! Yes, most tour operators like Door2Tour offer complete packages that include transport, accommodation, sightseeing, and often meals. So, there is not much for you to do, other […]

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