Royal Ascot

Ascot Coach Trips: A Quick Guide

What is the Royal Ascot? The most hi-fi horse race of the year;  the event lasts for 5 days, beginning on a Tuesday, and ending on a Saturday, in June every year. The total prize money crosses £3 million, and the Royal Family graces the race with their presence. How can you attend the race? Booking Ascot coach trips with a tour operator is the best way. What should you wear?! This is one of the most asked questions about the Royal Ascot every year.  The answer depends on the enclosure that you have. Even if no formal dress code […]

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Brighton Deckchair

Brighton Coach Holidays: What Should You Do in this Resort Town?

Planning Brighton coach holidays? Here are some tips for the perfect trip! Lie down Do this on the beach for a good number of hours – such a relaxing and peaceful experience. And if the sun decides to shine down on this particular day, all the better! Have lunch at the seafront What do you want to eat? Fast food of a traditional dish? You can find a great selection of delicious dishes right along the coast. And if you want to take souvenirs back with you, look around for those as well at the stands. Try out Food for […]

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Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations Coach Holidays

The Blackpool Illumination Coach Holidays usually take place in the period between August and November. So many coaches set off from various departure points to the Promenade in Lancashire to attend one of the most spectacular light shows that you would ever come across. The amazing display of light stretches from the Bispham right up to the Star Gate, taking up approximately six miles of the skyline. The show takes place for 76 nights and is enjoyed by more than 2 million visitors. All the lights are powered through renewable resources, and include so many types such as LED, neon, […]

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The Royal Ascot: The Enclosures

The Windsor Enclosure The Windsor Enclosures, knows as the Silver Ring in the past, provides you a view of the race beginnings. You are obviously supposed to wear a suit and other formal clothing since this is a ‘royal’ event, but there is still no hard and fast dress code, other than replica sports shirts being banned. Also people who have tickets to the Windsor Enclosure are supposed to stay in the designated area. So you may find the space to be limited. The Queen Anne Enclosure The Queen Anne Enclosure allows all access except for the Royal Enclosure. You […]

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The Best Battlefield WW1 Tours

The First World War ended on the 11th of November 1918 at around 11 am, when the ceasefire came into effect.  The total causalities of the war crossed 40 million, making it one of the deadliest battles ever. Read any number of books that you want and watch as many programs as you like, but the stories of the war are best enjoyed when you visit places that saw the blood and carnage. The battlefield WW1 tours are offered by many operators in the UK, each taking you to different sites and places. Here are some of our favourite ones. […]

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Benidorm Coach Holidays: Tips for a Perfect Trip

Planning Benidorm coach holidays? Known for its Mediterranean climate, this place is a popular headway for the northern European tourists. Here are some tips that can help you make the most out of your trip. Shopping The local shops and malls remain open from 10 am till 9 pm. During the day, some of them may close down for an hour when it’s lunch time.  The quality of goods is reflected by their price, so if anything is too cheap, it may feature a low quality level. And if you want to save money, and still buy gifts for friends […]

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Andre Rieu in Maastricht

André Rieu Concert in Maastricht 2018

André Rieu is a sensation in the music industry – the King of Romance and the King of Waltz. His albums have solved over 40 million copies across the globe and have taken away the top slots on several musical charts. Not to forget the Johann Strauss Orchestra, regarded to be the biggest private orchestra globally and his waltz extravaganzas which are one of their kind. André Rieu’s professional journey is filled with rewards and trophies.  His Platinum Awards cross 480 in number, whereas he gas bagged away the Album of the Year title thrice for the Classical Brit Awards. […]

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