Brazil Escorted Tours: Why Should You Visit?

BrazilBrazil is among the biggest and most diverse countries of the world, boasting of a magnificent economy, a rich culture and a love for sports. The country is filled with friendly people, unique plants, and exotic species. All around, it is surrounded by green forests, or golden beaches.  Is this the only reason as to why you should consider Brazil escorted tours? Not really – the country is affordable as well.  The exchange rate is good, and accommodation is economical, all the more reason to explore the largest nation in South America.

Let’s take a detailed look at all things that make brazil worth visiting.

Brazil is affordable

Like we said, Brazil is an affordable country.  Currently, the country is facing recession, and so transportation rates have dropped as compared to the previous year. Accommodation is also cheaper these days. And anyways, bear in mind that the British Pound is stronger than Brazil’s currency, Real, so that is an added benefit.

Posadas are fun to stay at

Posadas are one huge reason why people visit Brazil. These are independent lodging houses that are similar to bread and breakfast inns, but somewhat smaller. You can either book them online or ask your tour operator to arrange accommodation for you.

Posadas are significantly cheaper than Brazil’s hotels, but the stay is still of quality.

Because you get to live in the moment

Brazilians are carefree, fun and friendly people, who live in the moment – a trait most of us should pick up.   The locals are warm and friendly, and you’ll soon gel in well with them, even if your trip is small.

Tourism is sustainable

The natural beauty in Brazil is so enchanting. The government is already taking steps to prevent resources this country has been bestowed with. They are in collaboration with tourism providers for more sustainable practices. Projects like Uakari Floating Lodge and Cocoa Farm in Bahia are good examples.  The first of these is situated in the Amazon rainforest, the locals serve as your guides through the green world.   If you choose to work at the Cocoa Farm for some time, you get free accommodation in return.

The beaches offer magnificent views and oodles of fun

Brazil has over 1500 beaches and 500 islands, which are truly a paradise. They are so beautiful that it’s really hard to decide which one you should tick of the list first.   The Copacabana beach is among our favourites, located in Rio de Janeiro. The beach offers several amenities, so you can easily visit place without having to plan too much. Right along the beach runs a beautiful boardwalk, featuring a chequered pattern of Portuguese stone flanks.

Baia do Sancho is another popular beach, which is also on the list of best beaches in the world. Its crystal blue waters lap up the sand, introducing magnificence to the place. Facilities are available for snorkelling and swimming but this coastal strip remains uninhabited for most of the year. If you are looking for some seclusion, this is definitely where you should be.

The carnival is worth attending

Brazil is famous for its carnival that brings life to unique costumes as masses of people storm out into the streets, dancing and partying until dawn. Though celebrated in many cities in the country, the Rio carnival is probably among the best.

Copacabana BeachAnd so is the Rio music festival

This epic festival first took place in the year 1985, and since then, has expanded to Lisbon and Las Vegas as well. Year 2017 saw the performances of Maroon 5, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi among others, whereas in 2018, Diplo, Dennis and Alesso lit up the stage.

The tickets are available at an affordable rate, and if you choose to go with a tour operator, they may already be included in the package.

However, you’ll have to plan your trip according to the festival dates if you want to attend. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to align your trip dates with the festival, it doesn’t matter so much because Brazil has too many other things that make it a traveller’s destination, so your trip would still be immensely enjoyable.

The weather is incredible

Brazil often sees season rains, so the sun never beats down that hard. The days are sunny, but temperatures are still comfortable. Most of the days are perfect for a great, outdoor adventure.

The locals will welcome you with open arms

Brazilian people are friendly, and would treat you as if you know them since a long time.  Tourism contributes significantly to the economy of this country. The locals are well aware of it, and do whatever they can to make you comfortable and feel at home.

The culture is so rich

Brazil has a rich culture that is known for close knit families, frequent celebrations, music, dance and of course, sports. Festivals, theatre shows and sports tournaments are scheduled round the year, so there is always a next event too look forward to.

Because of the Amazon forest

The Amazon forest, the biggest in the world, is in itself, a wonder. It is a haven for ecotourism and is home to the greatest number of plant species.  The forest stretches over an area of 5.5 million square kilometre containing over 100,000 types of plant.

Just be sure to pack a spray with you, because the forest is filled with bugs as well!

Brazilians are too good at Soccer

If you are a soccer fan, this alone is a reason to visit Brazil. Their soccer team is among the most talented in the world.

And you get to drink the most delicious coffee here!

Brazil produces more than one third of the total coffee production in the world.  Its coffee is known for its quality and taste. And the locals somehow make it in an even more delicious way. So have as much of it as you can!

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