Bournemouth Coach Holidays: What Should You Do at this Resort?

Bournemouth PierBournemouth is a popular resort in UK that offers seven hours of sunshine on an average day and seven miles of beach. Perfect combo, isn’t it? This place is the biggest Dorset repost and has a Victorian charm. The pubs, the clubs, the chalky cliffs, and the miles of golden beach make this place definitely worth a visit. And if you want to have maximum fun, then your Bournemouth coach holidays should be of 3 to 5 days at least.


Sandbanks has some of the country’s best beaches that stretch along tithe peninsula, making it among the most sought after property spots in the region. The views are splendid and the nightlife is amazing.  Not to forget that the restaurants in the area offer some of the most delicious dishes.


Poole is the one of the largest natural harbours in the country. The quayside is lively, sprawled with restaurants, bars and shops.

The Boscombe Market and the seaside shops

Boscombe Market only opens on a Thursday and a Saturday. The shops offer fruits, vegetables, flowers, jewellery, bags and many other things. They are all set up in open air. The seaside shops are also worth a visit. Westbourne is filled with fashion boutiques, art galleries and cafes, whereas Southbourne boasts of craft stores.

The Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is home to many penguins, baby crocs, sharks and otters. Visit at a time when you can feed them for greater fun.

The Literary Connection

Bournemouth is linked with so many authors such as JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton and Robert Louis Stevenson.  Noddy’s Toytown was an inspiration from Studland, whereas the Boscombe Manor was constructed for Mary Shelley.

Bournemouth International Centre

The Bournemouth International Centre hosts comedy and music acts which are fun to watch.