Benidorm Coach Holidays: Why Should You Visit?

BenidormBenidorm is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain – that others just don’t match up to. Why is that? The sunshine, the amazing nightlife, restaurants, bars and the beaches – oh, they are so beautiful, they make this city worth a visit.

If you haven’t done it already, here is why you should plan Benidorm coach holidays. And if you’ve already been there, then lets visit again this year.

The sunshine

The biggest reason why Benidorm is a hot spot among tourists. The sun shines down on this place for a good 330 days a year. Quite a lot of sunshine, isn’t it? Temperatures average around 28 degrees centigrade in the summer season.

Family resort

Apparently, Benidorm may not strike as family friendly, but that’s just an incorrect perception.  This city has many attractions suitable for families like Terra Natura Park, Terra Mitica theme park and Aqualandia Water Park. Some of the hotels are also centred around families, offering amenities such as a kid’s pool, play area and family rooms.

The nightlife

This is what we love the most about this place. The bar crawls, flashy signs and the lively square crowded with energetic people of all ages. Benidorm always has, and will continue to entertain tourists through is hangouts and live shows. The nightlife is worth experiencing for sure.

Traditional Spanish cuisine

Benidorm does offer several English dishes, but they don’t even hint at what it makes best. This city is known for its Spanish kitchens that serve you delicious paella and seafood.


Famous as the Little Manhattan, this city has over 300 skyscrapers that tower over the skyline. The tallest of these is Intempo with its 52 floors and a height of 192 meters.


Benidorm has some of the finest coastlines in the region, the most famous of which are Poniente and Levante.