Bali Escorted Tours: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Bali StatuesThe Island Paradise as this place is so commonly called.  Yes, you expect Bali escorted tours to be too much fun, and they would be too. But you need to b a little careful, so that you aren’t injured, hurt or fall sick. Here is what we suggest.


Bali’s culture is attractive, but make sure that you aren’t violating or offending it in any way. So for instance, if you are visiting a temple, you should dress modestly, wear something that covers your shoulders and upper arms, and use a temple scarf and sarong to cover your waist and legs.


Bali is a popular tourist destination that is often swarmed with crowds and crowds of people. The roads are often a chaos, snatching is common, and so is hotel breaking and entering. And at the beaches, the undercurrents are strong. So be really careful about all these things.


Many of the public places in Bali are smoke free zones. Don’t smoke in public areas like temples, restaurants, hotels and other tourist attractions.


Will you be exchanging currency in Bali? Several local money changers may not be honest, and won’t offer you a good deal. So only deal with money exchangers who have recognition from Bank Indonesia. You could even use an ATM machine to withdraw cash directly from your account. Or check with your hotel front desk; generally, they offer better rates than money changers and banks.


Bali offers several transportation options including scooters, bicycles, automobiles and the public transportation system. Not all of them are honest, so choose with care. We suggest that you either make use of travel arrangements offered by your tour operator, or the Bali Taxi, also referred to as the Blue Bird Taxi.