Bali Escorted Tours

Bali, the Indonesian Paradise, is a stunning place to visit filled with beautiful temples, lush green villages, and the beaches, of course. A must visit on every traveller’s destination list, here is what you should definitely do if you take Bali escorted tours to these beautiful islands. Uluwatu Temple Located at the sea, it isn’t just this temple that is remarkable, but the walk is just as beautiful too. And if you visit this place at sunset, then you’ll come across some of the prettiest views that you’ll ever set your eyes on. Once you are done exploring the temple, […]

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Opatija, Istria

Best Escorted Tours of Croatia: Why Should You Visit?

Ever visited Croatia? Now is the time to do if you haven’t yet already!  Why so? Let’s find out why you should avail best escorted tours of Croatia, and what is so special about this country. It’s hot One of the sunniest spots in Europe; alone this is a good enough reason to visit Croatia. The sun shines for a good 12 hours in the months of May and June. In July and August, it increases up to 13 hours. Plenty of time for you to sunbathe. It’s easily accessible Most of the islands in Greece are four hours away […]

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Andre Rieu

André Rieu Concerts 2018 Maastricht: What You Probably Don’t Know about the Famous Celebrity

André Rieu is a popular icon in the music world with fans spread across the globe and sales reaching numbers that most of the artists can only dream of. His next concerts are scheduled for mid and late December this year and then the third one is in May 2018. Door2Tour has already put tickets up for sale, so do get one for yourself before they finish off. So you think you know this famous celebrity really well? Let’s see how well you really do. He started music at a very young age The best musicians and composers become famous […]

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Top 8 Things To Do & See in Ecuador

Out of the long list of countries to visit in South America, it’s fair to say that little old Ecuador doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  Sandwiched in between the innovative Colombia and the ever-popular Peru, Ecuador’s mainland can be overlooked by travellers and is often used as a gateway to the Galapagos Islands. Yet, the truth is Ecuador has far more to offer than many people think. Diverse landscapes, volcanoes, mountains, islands and Amazonian jungle.  There is so much to see and do here and with a restored railway network you can be easily be transported into a world […]

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Asia Escorted Tours: The Most Economical Destinations

Asia, the largest continent in the world is filled with numerous attractions spread. The wonders of the ancient world – the Great Wall in China, Shah Jahan symbol of love – the Taj Mahal, the Forbidden City of Love, the Disneyland in Tokyo, the beautiful Phi Phi Islands, Petronas Towers and so much more. But which of these is the best places to visit? Which Asia escorted tours are the most affordable?   Here are our favourite destinations, perfect for those who are traveling on a budget. Xi’an, China Was history your favourite subject by any chance during high school? Take […]

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Amber Fort

Asia Escorted Tours: Tips for the Perfect Trip

Planning a trip to Asia? Considering all the minute details that are there, it’s absolutely understandable if you get bogged. But don’t worry, without overwhelming yourself with information, you can still plan a great time. Follow our tips for that perfect trip. Don’t do anything that you don’t want to Generally, when you inform others of your travel plans, they bombard you with suggestions, advising you to do just this and not that. Great, consider all these recommendations, but in the end, take the decision yourself. So for instance, if heights scare you, then you would probably not want to […]

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Birmingham Tattoo

Birmingham Tattoo 2017: Popular Tours

The Birmingham Tattoo 2017 is scheduled for the last week in November. Over 1000 performances are going to set the stage on fire at Barclaycard Arena, previously known as the National Indoor Arena or NIA.  Thrilling performances, marching bands and other exciting displays will be put up, and then the show will end with the Grand Finale. The best musicians and bands from all over the world will attend the event – it is probably one of the most fun filled trip that you’ll ever have. Sounds interesting? Book a tour with us then: we offer both day trips and […]

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