Royal Ascot

Ascot Ladies Day 2018: General Advice for the Trip

So you are planning coach holidays to the Royal Ascot competition? Great idea! The races are all set to take place from Tuesday, June 19 to Saturday, June 23 next year. How should you plan the trip? Avail a pre-arranged package offered by Door2Tour that covers Ascot Ladies Day 2018 as well as the races. Accommodation and sightseeing are usually included. For whatever reason that you may want to experience the thrill and atmosphere at Ascot, the horses, the hats, the glamour, it will be like none other.  But do take note of our advice for a more enjoyable trip. […]

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South Africa

Africa Escorted Tours: Planning Your Trip

Africa is the second largest continent in the world – definitely worthy of a visit. There is so much to see and so many countries to visit.  So how do you plan the trip? Where to start, and how to go about it? Here is some advice that will help you out. Where do you want to go? African land is divided into more than 50 countries, so it’s definitely hard to decide which ones to go to, and which ones to skip. Before selecting the countries, think about the kind of trip that you want to have; maybe there […]

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Balinese Sculpture

Bali Escorted Tours: Make the most of your trip

Availing Bali escorted tours? Beautiful country it is, that is for sure. But how do you ensure that you get the most out of this intriguingly interesting and fun place? Follow our tips and have the trip of a lifetime! Expect crowds… everywhere, anywhere Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations, so expect large crowds. And this is so for most of the year, not just one particular time. Ubud and South Bali are among the most visited places, and you just can’t avoid the throngs there. So what do you if you want some seclusion or isolation? […]

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Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations Coach Holidays

Got a love for lights? You’ll have an exciting time at the Blackpool Illuminations then – the most spectacular show of lights that we have ever come across. Set up on special trams and the front facade of buildings, they adorn the Golden Mile at the Western Coast of the UK, brightening up the town of Lancashire.  Tableaux mark the end of the illuminations; these are large lit up scenes that we so dearly love.  Families, friends and children attend the event in thorns of thousands. If you are planning to check out the Blackpool Illuminations this year, then do […]

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Andre Rieu

André Rieu concerts 2018 Maastricht

Andre Rieu is one of those few artists who can add a cool sensation to classical music, giving it a modern touch of his own kind. Consequently, his revolutionary music has forced billions of his fans to buy his CDs, DVDs and concert tickets. And a significant part of his fan following comprises of the younger generation. Andre Rieu is known for bringing something unique and thrilling to the table, making him one of the greatest superstars of all time in not just his hometown, but across the globe. Andre has hosted shows in many countries, and everywhere they are […]

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Bournemouth Coach Holidays: A Quick Travel Guide

Bournemouth is a seaside resort town in Dorset, England.  While you can visit this place throughout the year, it is best to do so in the summer season even though it is one of the busiest periods.   Off season includes the period from January to March; this is the only time when accommodation would be cheaper than standard rates. Safety Safety is essential wherever you are visiting. Considering Bournemouth, try to blend yourself in with the locals and avoid doing anything that would make you stand out vividly. Don’t worry; the crime levels are fairly low, but safe practices are […]

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Battlefield Tours: What to Expect

Have you ever toured the sites that witnessed the two greatest battles on Earth — the World War I and the World War II?  You really should sometime, if you haven’t so far. These tours are so interesting and knowledgeable – you’d definitely have a great time. While there are several Battlefield WW1 and WW2 tours that you can go onto, we particularly prefer Belgium. The country has many attractions that are deeply rooted in history. Here is what you can expect of your battlefield ww1 and ww2 tours in Belgium. The National Pride Belgium is a smaller country in […]

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