Austria Coach Holidays: Why Should You Make this Trip?

Austria is visited by so many people because of its charming villages, cake and coffee. If you have not visited this country yet, now is the time to plan Austria coach holidays.  Here is why.

Vienna is known of its quality of life

Vienna, a city in Austria, has bagged the title, City with the Best Quality of life, eight times consecutively. The main reasons are its rich culture, clean air, cheap rents and low crime rates.

Trek the Alpine Summits

Austria is a place for all outdoor lovers. If you are into hiking, you will love the climb up the Alpine Summits and the Tirolean Mountains. One of the most famous paths is the Eagle Walk, which stretches across 40 kilometres, offering so many breathtaking scenes from nature.

Experience the rich culture

Austria has a rich culture, boasting of music and arts. The works of Mozart, Klimt, Schubert and Wagner are famous all over the world, and preserved in many galleries and museums across Europe.

Have a sweet treat

Got a love for desserts? This place offers you the most delicious of desserts that you would ever have. Nearly every street has a bakery that offers so many lovely treats. Do try out the Sacher Torte and have a slice at coffee house.

Explore the countryside

Austria is a small country, so you can easily travel form one city to another city. During the way, explore the countryside as well, and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes along the roads.

Play some sports

Austria is a paradise for the skiers – so if you like some gliding and skiing, be sure to visit a ski resort up in the Alps. And don’t worry, the prices aren’t too high.  Albach is a favoured destination for skiers.