Australian Escorted Tours: Wildlife Encounters

Koala BearsAre you planning to visit to Australia? The country has so many opportunities to spot wildlife. Be it penguins, kangaroos or koala bears, you’ll find all of them at this place. Here are some tips for the best wildlife encounters in Australia.

Aquatic Life

Visit the coral reef. Australia’s reef is the biggest in the world. Spreading over miles and miles, the waters surrounding the reefs are home to stingrays, whales and other colourful fish. Watching them is always fun, whether you do it from a boat with a glass bottom, or you do it while snorkelling into the sea.

Koala Bears

If you want to see koala life, then drive along the Great Ocean Road. The place between Apollo Bay and Lorne is their natural habitat. Other places where you can spot koalas are South Australia, Kangaroo Island or the Magnetic Island.


Closely related to koalas, these are nocturnal creatures which live in burrows. Bare nosed wombats are the easiest to spot along the coast or in the forest areas of eastern Victoria or New South Wales. Also wombats are herbivores, so you won’t spot them in any desserts.

The Kangaroo Island

Though not home to just the kangaroos.  This place is your best choice of you want to experience watching sea lions, echidnas, exotic birds and wallabies. By the way, you can even explore the underground caves and rock formations. And when you are done, take a dip in the sea or catch some fish.

Kakadu National Park

Among the best places to witness some of the prettiest birds is Kakadu National Park. You’ll likely come across crocodiles as well.

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