Asia Escorted Tours: What You Should Do Before Travelling

Buddhist MonksAsia escorted tours are so fun and exciting – after all, it is the largest and the biggest continent in the world. You get to experience so much; the rich cultures, the tales of history, a new adventure every single day and the beauty and warmth of the natives whom you come across.  But before you jump on the coach, train or plane, here is what you should have already done.

Visit a travel clinic

Vaccinations are an essential part of travelling prerequisites. And some of them even require multiple shots, spread over a couple of months for you to be completely immune such as with hepatitis vaccination. What if there isn’t enough time? Get two shots before you leave, and the third one after you come back. And by the way, some of these vaccinations do last for years, so if you’ve had them in the past, you may not need them now. Talk to your doctor, and take their advice.

Sort out the visas

Well, because you can’t set foot in any country if you don’t have a visa.  Find out all these details beforehand. Depending on your citizenship, some countries don’t require visas, some require visa on arrival and for others you have to apply for one some weeks before your scheduled date of arrival. Finalize your list of countries, and accordingly, make visa arrangements.

Sign up for travel insurance

Seems like an added expense? Well, it does increase your costs somewhat, but it sure is worth it. Do some research, and you would realize that you can find a good deal without paying hefty premiums.

Book a tour with us!

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