Ascot Races: The Whens, Whats and Whys

Royal AscotWhen

The 2018 Ascot races are all set to begin on Tuesday, June 19 till Saturday, June 23. The Ladies will be on Thursday, June 21.


A fashionable, competitive environment that is guaranteed to set your heart racing and your excitement soaring. And oh, the Royal Family of England graces this auspicious occasion.


Because it’s so glossy! The five event days are filled with so much fun and thrill! The races are of the highest quality and the horses so handsome! Dressing is modest: skirts below the knees, no spaghetti straps or off the shoulder blouses, hats at all times and other etiquettes of formal attire. And oh, there is the Gold Cup and the Ladies Day as well.


If you want a seat at the Royal Enclosure, then you’ll have to plan. You should be sponsored by two people who have been attendees at the Royal Meeting for four years at least. If you want a ticket for the Queen Anne Enclosure, then that isn’t tricky; you can easily buy. The tickets for the Windsor Enclosure and the Village Enclosure are available at lower rates though.

Which Days

The best days are usually Tuesday for witnessing three Group One races, and Thursday for the Ladies Day and the Gold Cup, which is the longest race for Group One in Britain.

What to wear

Formal dressing – probably the best piece that you have in your wardrobe. Get all the details about the dress code beforehand.

What isn’t worth missing

The Ladies day of course! The Royal Procession – the arrival of the Queen and her guests at 2 pm before the races begin.

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