Ascot Enclosures – All That You Need to Know

Royal AscotWhich enclosure do you want to be a part of at the next Royal Ascot?  Obviously, you get to witness the race through each and every one of them, but they are different in terms of the food you eat, where you can roam around, and the outfits and hats on display.  Here is a quick guide with all the information that you should have.

The Royal Enclosure

As the name implies, this is the most Royal of all the stands.  The enclosure is meant for attendees of the Royal meeting, and you can enter only when two members sponsor you. But don’t worry, that does not mean you have to miss out on the races. There are other enclosures as well, for which, you can easily buy a ticket.

The Royal Enclosure features beautiful gardens that open out to the Pre Parade Ring. And you can enjoy access to the lawns and the seated balcony on the fourth floor that provide views of the finishing line.

Queen Anne Enclosure

Previously, this enclosure was known as the Grandstand. It puts you at the centre of all the activities. You can watch the finishing lines from here as well, and are nearby the Parade and the Pre-Parade Ring. And oh, you can enjoy the Royal Procession front the front row.

The Windsor Enclosure

Or the Silver Ring as it is so commonly called. You enjoy watch the Royal Procession from close by if you are in this enclosure.  The horses rush past this enclosure first before they make their way to the end of the race. The atmosphere is quite lively throughout the day, and the tickets are fairly cheap.

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