Ascot Coach Packages: Your Guide to Survive the Day

Royal AscotThe Ascot races are so much fun – and every single year that is!  But for you to be able to enjoy the day, you need some handy tips. So here is how you can prep up for one of the most thrilling races of the year.

Get yourself a race card

So that you don’t miss out on any essential information. Yes, your tour guide will be sharing the details with you, but buying a race card is still a good idea. You’d get to know everything about the races, the jockeys and the horses. And if there is anything else worth attending, you’d come to know of that too.

Check out the blue kiosks nearby the enclosures. They should have these cards.

Set aside a budget for gambling

Depending upon your experience. If you are an expert, then you would know how to handle yourself, but if you are novice, then set aside some cash, so that you still have some money left.  Generally, the minimum bet per race is £2, and oh, you can even place a bet on the colour that the Queen would wear on a particular day.

Wrap yourself up

Because it can get so cold at times! The weather in England is so unpredictable. So even if you don’t wear warm clothes, at least pack a coat or something else with you. Just make sure that it follows the dress code set for your enclosure.

And keep an umbrella too, because, well – this is England!

Don’t drink excessively

Drinks are always nice, but don’t overdo your dosage. Drink in moderate quantities only if you want to avoid ruining your outfit or spending the rest of your day in toilets.

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