Argentina Escorted Tours: Why Should You Plan a Visit?

Planning Argentina escorted tours? There are so many reasons as to why you should visit. Argentina is known in South America for being the 3rd most populated country, and the biggest Spanish speaking nation in the world. The country has beautiful landscapes, perfect for all your selfies, and boasts of a rich culture and history. The nightlife is lively, the cuisines are unique, and you’d find dishes from across the continents on the menu here. This country definitely attracts tourists by the thousands every year.

If you haven’t yet been on Argentina escorted tours yet, here is why you should visit. And if you’ve already been there, then why not plan another trip, and cover any attractions that you missed out last time?

Argentine Wine

When you drink wine in exactly the same city where its grapes are grown, then it sure is a treat, something which Argentina does offer – the country that is the 6th biggest producer of wine in the world. The wine that is grown here has a unique taste that is loved throughout the world. Enjoy a Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Mendoza Malbec. Take a wine tour as well. Being in the fields is so much fun, especially on a sunny day.

Iguazu FallsIguazú Falls

Iguazú Falls are one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in the country.  Literally meaning the ‘great waters’, these falls are located at the border between Argentina and Brazil. Known for being the biggest waterfalls systems, Iguazú Falls divide the river from which they originate into an upper and a lower region.

Iguazú Falls feature a length of 2.7 kilometres, and can be divided into individual smaller falls with a height of around 60 meters to 82 meters. The total number of these smaller waterfalls is dependent on the water level, varying from 150 to 300.  Part of the river also flows into the Devil’s Throats, a long, narrow chasm.


The local people in Argentina have an utmost love for horses, and have made them an integral part of the culture.  In the past, these cowboys or gauchos would explore the countryside riding on beautiful ponies, and today, the natives watch polo or enjoy a gallop. Horse bets are common as well.

Visitors can indulge in the same activities as the locals. Enrol yourself in a polo lesson, watch a race or explore the countryside.

Winter Sports

If winter sports excite you or if you have a love for wildlife, put Ushuaia on your list of places to visit in Argentina.   This place showcases the country’s culture and beauty in a superb manner. Ushuaia has facilities for sledding, skiing and snowboarding in the Cerro Caster and the Glacier El Martial areas.

Ushuaia is also home to penguins, seals, orcas, and pretty birds that are usually found on the islands along Beagle Channel. For those of you who have an interest in art, you may also want to check out End of the World Biennial.

Summer Sports

Not planning a trip in winter season? No issues.   The summer season also offers several sports for you to enjoy.  Visit Tigre Delta, and you’ll find the natural beauty around you relaxing and comforting. This city is situated on the Parana River Delta, comprising of hundreds of small islands. Most of the islands are devoted to residential units and weekend homes, but the larger islands, such as the Martin Garcia Island, even have airports, camping spots, museums, and several other tourists’ attractions.

Not to forget the water sports, kayaking, boating, and fishing that become immensely more enjoyable as you wade along the maze of Tigre’s channels.

Quebrada de Humahuaca

A road journey through the Quebrada de Humahuaca valley is considered to be among the most spectacular drives in the world. The views of this place are more than amazing, featuring rainbow coloured rock formations, green meadows, and blue skies. The route is pretty much the same as the one that was used thousands of years ago.

And on the way, there is a cave where the local musicians play sweet notes. Do stop by at this place.


Palermo Soho, a design hub in Buenos Aires, is filled with boutique shops that are definitely worth checking out. Just be prepared for the long queues in front of the shop windows as both the locals and the tourists gawk at the products on displays. The boutiques offer everything that is fashion, be it boots, belts, dresses or jewellery. You’d even come across custom shoe stores, ready to design a piece that fits your feet perfectly well.

When you are tired out at the end of the day, have a bite at a cafe, restaurant or bar.  The delicious food will energise you once again.


Argentina celebrates many festivals round the year, especially Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film or BAFICI is a popular event. The Fashion Week, as the name suggests, lasts two weeks, and is celebrated biannually.  Music, art and tango festivals are also common, and are widely celebrated in the country.

Glaciers National Park

Situated at the Austral Andes, the Glaciers National Park is a must visit. Most of the glacier activities are set up around two lakes.  If you can ride horses, do take a trip around the park, or just lay back at the nearby ranches.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Whether reading is your hobby or not, the bookstore at Barrio Norte, is still worth visiting.  The place was formally a theatre, but was re-launched as a bookstore in the year 1919. Even today, you can spot the red, velvet curtains that hide the stage. And do observe the upper levels for elaborate lighting fixtures.


Tangos classes are always on offer, and yes, even tourists can book.   Do try your luck, and see if you can work out the steps. Even if you don’t master the dance, you’ll still have oodles of fun.