Africa Escorted Tours: Why Should You Visit?

Cape TownWhat’s your best idea of a holidays? For us, it’s a drive down the windy roads to far off places. But don’t worry, we aren’t behind the wheel, so the journey doesn’t tire us. Coach tours to exotic and famous cities, countries or even continents are fun. But where should you head off to next? If you have never been on Africa escorted tours, now is a great time to do so. Here is why.

The beaches

African beaches are love – literally! Cape Town has the most modernised beaches that you would ever come across. Near to the City Centre is Camps Bay, and some way ahead is Boulders Beach which is home to African penguins, now considered to be an endangered species.

The entire coast is lined with golden sandy beaches, where the waves lap up. The farther you go towards the north, the warmer the water becomes.  Some places along the way also offer snorkelling and are an excellent diving point such as Rocktail Bay.

The Wildlife

The Kruger National Park is the best place to be if you want to spot the Big 5, namely the lions, rhinoceroses, Cape buffaloes, leopards, and elephants. However, there are several other parks and reserves across the continent.  Enjoy the South African Safari, which would take you across the Sabi Sands, or have some fun at the MAdikwe Private Reserve.   You can even  visit and enjoy at the Addo Elephant National Park.


UK’s currency is stronger than the local currencies in many African countries. Even if it weren’t for the currency, accommodation and lifestyle in European cities is expensive. But this isn’t the case with most African countries. Several places are affordable, and the exchange rates also favour you.

You may have to spend some money on transportation though, since Africa is much farther away, but overall, an African vacation is more affordable than a vacation to most places in Europe.

The mountains

Do you like talking to the clouds from atop high peaks?  With tall peaks like Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa is definitely a glorious place for all who romanticize mountains and heights. They are more challenging than other climbs, offering you more varieties in terms of terrain. The environment is tropical as well, so the whole experience would be different from the one you usually have in Europe.


What’s your definition of the word ‘adventure’? If you prefer activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, diving with the sharks , rafting across white waters, you’d enjoy a lot in Africa. The Namibian Desert and the Victoria Falls are perfect spots for some of these activities.


The vineyards in South America are known throughout the world for their taste and quality. The fields present a picture perfect view, so they should be on your list of places to visit when you are in Africa.

Food and Wine

Though there are several vineries across Africa, the ones at Cape Town are among the best. Do explore the beautiful estates and the cool cellars. And when done, have a bite at any of the fine dining restaurants that offer a world class cuisine.

The oddest foodies destination is probably Franschhoek, but other cities are also catching up like Cape Town and Johannesburg. Have both beer and coffee, and you’ll be impressed by the flavours.


And you spot wildlife even if you aren’t at the zoo. In Africa, rhinos, lions, elephants and cheetahs are definitely common when on a safari, but don’t be surprised if you see them out on the roads too.

Whale watching

Just like wildlife, you don’t have to be out in the sea to spot whales. You can do it from the sandy beaches, the seaside resorts, cafes, and even from your hotel bed – yes, whales are really this common in African.  The best place to watch whales from the land is probably Hermanus.

Luxury Train

Africa has one of the best luxurious trains in the world, the Blue Train, which travels around 994 miles in 27 hours between Pretoria and Cape Town. The train stops at one place in between on each direction, which is the fashionably old area of Matjiesfontein when going to Pretoria. When going to Cape Town, the trains makes a stop at Kimberly, where the diamond mines are located.

Meals, drinks and even cigars are included in the ticket price. The menu on board lists down several African wines. Pick any that you like, and the taste will be splendid.

Cricket Grounds

Do you play cricket? Africa has some of the most scenic grounds for the sports. And the same can be said for its golf course. You hit shots from the top of a cliff, and no, you can’t climb up, you have to reach the site through helicopters, so that is more fun.

Nelson Mandela’s former house

The Nelson Mandela house has now been opened for public accommodation. The place offers a luxurious stay, located at the Shambala Private Game Reserve, 160 miles away from city of Johannesburg.

The rates are a bit on the high side – it’s luxurious after all, but still worth the money. At a single time, it can accommodate 12 people.

The Tree House

Want to stay up in the leafy greens of a tree? You can definitely do so in Africa if you plan to spend the night at the Lions Sands Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park.  You are taken to the tree house at evening for a supper, and then you can spend the night there in a luxurious manner. Every now and then, you may here the roar of lions or buzz of mosquitoes, but the stay is thrilling.

Outdoor Activities

Africa offers too many outdoor activities, so you can have a great time out in the sun or at the beach, hardly any moment will be dull or boring.

So does Africa excite you? Plan Africa escorted tours today. Visit our website for more information.