A Great Day Out at the British Grand Prix

mercedes-bgpHere at Door2Tour we do like to practice what we preach and so this year some of the team headed for a fun-filled day at Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix.

Based in Kent, we left for Northampton at 5am, we wanted to reserve a good spot for the day and the gates tend to open at around 6.30am. When we eventually made it to the race track at around 7.30am the terraces were already 80% full, making us glad we had indeed dragged ourselves out of bed at 4am!

We set up our camping chairs and settled down for some pre-race entertainment, before the main event they had formula 2 and 3 races as well as the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. The Drivers are also paraded around the track on a lorry along with the F1 legends before preparation starts for the big event.

Elsewhere around the track there is plenty to do with kid’s zones (with lots of activities to keep them amused), plenty of bars in addition to the main stage which has other entertainment running during the course of the day.

Prior to the race taking place we saw a fly over of an RAF Typhoon, the noise literally took your breath away! There was also a team of RAF Falcons parachute jumping and landing by the starting grid.

british-grand-prixThe race started at 1pm with the whole crowd cheering on Lewis Hamilton, the race itself caused angst in the crowd when Lewis got off to a bad start and was overtaken by the Williams’ cars of Massa and Bottas. It wasn’t until the pit stops started that Hamilton regained his position out in front.

With two thirds of the race done the rain came, but it couldn’t dampen the atmosphere in the crowd with the British driver at the top. Hamilton went on to comfortably win the race and enjoyed adulation from the fans as he drove around a victory lap.

Track WalkFollowing the race there is a chance to walk the track and perhaps (if you are lucky) find some souvenir car debris – everyone ran to the spot where a crash had happened in front of our seats. After the race fans congregate on the track and can watch the podium celebrations taking place. We walked from Luffield Terrace around to the Pits and it felt like a very long way – be warned!

After a great day we headed home and will be returning again next year.

British Grand Prix packages aren’t quite on sale for 2016. If you would like to register your interest click here and we will contact you once packages go on sale.