5 Reasons to be excited for the Belgian Grand Prix!

Spa FrancorchampsWe’re just a little bit excited about the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. The summer break (although it was only three weeks) seems to have lasted forever and we are more than ready to see how the remainder of the season plays out…

  1. Hungary did not disappoint

The last race in the F1 season in Hungary was one of the most dramatic races in the past couple of seasons, with Hamilton falling from pole to tenth and then climbing back through the ranks. It was the first race in a long time that neither Mercedes driver has been on the podium. If Sunday’s race can follow suit we’re all sure to be on the edge of our seats.

  1. The Track

The Spa-Francorchamps track remains the longest circuit in the F1 Calendar at 7km long it is almost double the length of the smallest circuit in Monaco.  Not only that, it has been in the F1 Calendar since 1950 along with other firm favourites Silverstone, Monaco and Monza. It started out as a 14km lap but was shortened in 1979 due to safety concerns and has remained that way ever since. The track itself is highly technical and consists of rapid curves and straight lines and is known as being great for overtaking.

  1. spa-grand-prixThe Weather

Rain is never far away from the Belgian Grand Prix. The location of the Spa circuit means that showers can spring up out of nowhere, and due to the large size of the track it means it could be raining in one area of the track but dry elsewhere. There has not been a race without rain since 2007, but by the looks of the forecast there could well be rain on Sunday too!

  1. The Drivers

Of the drivers who will be racing on Sunday, the one to watch could well be Kimi Raikkonen who out of the drivers holds the record for most track wins. He has already taken 4 wins and a podium and with Ferrari challenging Mercedes, he could be one to watch! With two wins at the track, previous World Champion Sebastian Vettel could also be one to watch.

  1. Sebastian Vettel

This weekend could see Vettel become the driver with the most points ever in F1 history. When Vettel won in Hungary he became level on points with Fernando Alonso and is now in line to overtake his points score.

As you can see there’s lots to look forward to this weekend, full race coverage is available on the BBC. Grand Prix F1 Packages are available now on our website. Click here to find out more.