Grand UK Holidays & Door2Tour

Our friends over at Grand UK Holidays have written us a great post about the benefits of booking a coach holiday through… How booking through Door2Tour can benefit you We’re proud to be partners with Door2Tour, offering our full product range of Grand UK Holidays directly through their online portal – at no extra cost to you! Door2Tour offer a fast, reliable and simple booking structure across their website, meaning you could spend less time searching for your perfect get-away and more time looking forward to it. They call it the Door2Tour difference, and here are the highlights:   […]

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Andre Rieu

André Rieu Concerts 2018 UK

Have you ever attended an André Rieu concert? He is the artist with the charismatic personality, who puts on an amazing show on stage, sending everyone in the crowds swaying to the music. André Rieu concerts are so much fun, that they’ll make you jump to your feet in joy and excitement. He’s going to keep you engrossed right till the very end; we can promise that you’ll have a superb time if you choose to attend. Door2Tour has started offering tickets for André Rieu Concerts 2018 UK. Get yours before they are all off the shelves! André Rieu concerts […]

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Asia Escorted Tours: The Most Economical Destinations

Asia, the largest continent in the world is filled with numerous attractions spread. The wonders of the ancient world – the Great Wall in China, Shah Jahan symbol of love – the Taj Mahal, the Forbidden City of Love, the Disneyland in Tokyo, the beautiful Phi Phi Islands, Petronas Towers and so much more. But which of these is the best places to visit? Which Asia escorted tours are the most affordable?   Here are our favourite destinations, perfect for those who are traveling on a budget. Xi’an, China Was history your favourite subject by any chance during high school? Take […]

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Austria Coach Holidays: What You Should Know before You Go

So you are interested in a vacation to Austria, the throbbing heart of Europe? Good choice, but here are some things that you should know about before you step on Austrian land! Sunday is a rest day And the locals take this very seriously. So you’d find most of the businesses closed. And this is even for the malls; for once, think about something else, other than filling up those shopping bags. Nope, the locals aren’t Germans Unlike what is widely believed. The locals may share some similarities with their German friends, but that is just it. Austrians have their […]

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Poppy 1

Battlefields WW2 Tours

The main sites where the battles were fought make up an interesting tour, definitely worth a visit. If you are planning such a tour, here is some useful advice for you. How many days should your trip be? Well the answer obviously depends on where you want to go and the particular areas that you’d like to visit.  If you want to check out several sites, then your trip should be around 10 to 15 days.  But generally, most of the travellers prefer tours that are around 2 to 5 days. In this amount of time, you may be able […]

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Birmingham Tattoo

Birmingham Tattoo Show

The Birmingham Tattoo 2018 is a yearly event that takes place in the city of Birmingham at the NIA Centre. The show features thousands of bands and several performers, belonging to various parts of the world that put up magnificent and enjoyable performances for a good three hours. The most notable shows include the Field Gun Competition, the Town Crier and the Field Dog Display. The event ends with the Grand Finale which seems to be getting more spectacular and better year after year. The main show takes place at the night so the morning is free for many travellers […]

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Ayers Rock

Australian Escorted Tours: A Quick Guide

So you are thinking of going to Australia?  If it’s your first time visit, there are a couple of things that you should know. Australia is huge Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world, and the smallest continent. Stretching over 50,000 kilometres, this piece of land has many attractions – the major ones being the white and golden beaches. And oh yes, the Great Ocean Road right along the coastal line. So there is much to see, and if you really want to enjoy all these attractions, make sure that your trip is of an appropriate duration.  ‘What […]

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