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Dancing On Ice 2014

Dancing on Ice

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Follow the Dancing On Ice television programme so you know who to look out for in the live show.
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Please note: There are now a limited number of breaks left for the last ever Dancing on Ice tour! Available from the North East, North West and Midlands areas only.

When:  Friday 28th March 2014 to Sunday 27th April 2014
Where: Variety of arena venues across the UK
Memorable Moments: Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean's performance of the 'Bolero'
2012 – Jennifer Ellison performing the 'Scorpion Kick' and accidently stabbing herself in the head
2011 – Vanilla Ice re-creating his famous 'Ice Ice Baby' routine on the rink
2010 - Hayley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston's perfect 'Jai Ho' routine
2009 – Todd Carty's spectacular off-screen stumble                                        

For those of you not in the know, Dancing On Ice is a popular TV show following a similar format to Strictly Come Dancing but all the routines take place on the ice! Celebrity contestants are paired up with their professional skating star and then put through their paces to learn a variety of skating routines. With some of the contestants not having skated before, Dancing On Ice can prove to be a fun watch as they try to stay on their feet without slipping over onto the ice.

Dancing On Ice first aired in January 2006 and its viewing audience has grown significantly ever since. The main draw of the show is that it features popular former Olympic skating champions Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean who not only help the celebrities learn their routines but also provide comments and advice throughout the series. Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean also dazzle the crowds with a variety of their own routines, basically showing the contestants how it should be done! Another attraction to the show is that during The Final, the contestants and their partners must perform 'Bolero' which is quite a challenge seeing as this routine made champions of Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean when they won gold in the 1984 Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo.

Dancing On Ice requires the contestants to learn, perfect and feature a variety of skating elements into their routines with the help of their professional skating partner and the coaching techniques of Torvill and Dean. Some of the required elements include; Assisted and Unassisted Jumps; Use of a Prop; Flying above the ice; A one footed spin; Toe step sequences among many others. These routines are then performed in front of a Judging Panel who then give them a score out of six. At the end of the show, the phone lines are open for the viewing public to vote to keep their favourite skating stars in the competition. The current skating champions are Olympic Gymnast Beth Tweddle and Dan Whiston.

For anyone who is a fan of the TV show, you can see the Skating Stars perform live with the Dancing On Ice Tour which takes place in a variety of arena venues across the UK. Some of the contestants from the current series, in addition to those from past shows, will perform their most popular skating routines competing for high scores from the Judging Panel. It is then down to the audience on the night to cast their vote. The two couples with the most votes will then compete in the 'Bolero Dance-Off' where the winner will be decided by the Judges. The winner is then presented with a trophy.

2014 is going to mark a rather special year for Torvill and Dean as it will be exactly 30 years since they first performed the Bolero at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, where they won gold. To mark the occasion some surprises will be in store for any fans who plan to see the Dancing On Ice Live Tour.

Tours start from only £99 per person and each package to the Dancing On Ice Live Tour includes: return coach travel, accommodation in a quality hotel (unless it's a day trip), hotel-to-venue transfers, meals and a ticket to see the show.

Previous Winners are:
2008 – Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers
2009 – Ray Quinn and Maria Filippov
2010 – Hayley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston
2011 – Sam Attwater and Brianne Delcourt
2012 – Matthew Wolfenden and Nina Ulanova
2013 - Beth Tweddle and Daniel Whiston

View the trailer for the Final Dancing On Ice Live Tour 2014:

Here is Beth Tweddle and Dan Whiston performing their version of the Bolero in the Dancing On Ice Final:

The 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo where Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean went on to win Gold for their routine of Bolero:

Torvill and Dean received the highest score ever in Olympic ice-skating history being awarded straight 6's for their emotional portrayal of Ravel's Bolero at the 1984 Winter Olympics, Sarajevo - on Valentine's Day!