Where To Be For That Bended Knee!

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In the world of travel, we’ve had ‘Staycations’ and ‘Babymoons but, there’s a new word on the block – ‘Engagementcations’. This little tongue-twister of a word has been associated to recommendations for places in the world that are perfect for when you wish to take the plunge and go down on bended knee. As Valentine’s Day is a mere 4 weeks away, there maybe some of you out there with marriage proposals on your minds so here’s my Top 5 of places to consider when popping that all important question!


I couldn’t really do a Top 5 list of proposal destinations without immediately
thinking of Paris. It’s a known fact that Paris is considered by many to be one of THE most romantic cities in the world so you can’t go wrong if you’re thinking of proposing here. Why not book a romantic cruise along the River Seine or enjoy a champagne dinner on the Champs-Elysees. Did you know that it was on top of the Eiffel Tower where Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes so if it’s good enough for them then its perfect for you!

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When you think of Kenya, safari adventures immediately spring to mind, but this jewel in East Africa’s crown could also be the perfect location to get down on that bended knee. After all, Prince William chose to pop the question to Kate Middleton whilst holidaying in the Lewa Downs Game Reserve. Kenya isn’t just great for marriage proposals you can simply just whisk your loved one away for a romantic breakaway. Join a safari to watch magnificent wildlife roam The Rift Valley, hop on a hot air balloon ride across the mighty Masai Mara, snorkelling in the Marine National Park, set up a romantic picnic beside a multitude of shimmering lakes or simply sunbathe together on the pristine beaches beside the Indian Ocean.

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The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a ‘Bounty’ advert in itself that exudes romance from every single island so the opportunities for that
perfect marriage proposal are endless here. With countless white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful palm trees  – there’ll be plenty of fabulous locations to add that air of romance to your proposal. Take your loved one horse riding along Jamaica’s beaches or perhaps climb up the romantic Dunns Waterfalls. Why not cuddle up together in a swaying hammock and sip cocktails whilst gazing at the night sky in Barbados or take a ride in a vintage American car as you cruise through the streets of Havana? Snorkel in the effervescent wonder that is Champagne Reef whilst holidaying in Dominica and perhaps finish with a couple of glasses of bubbly to celebrate your partner saying ‘yes’!

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There’s romance coming out of every pore of this famous boot so it’s a perfect destination to consider for marriage proposals. When romance is high on the agenda, you can’t go wrong with a gondola ride through Venice and perhaps arrange for your Gondolier to sing ‘O Sole Mio’ to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your Italian holiday. Follow in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck and create your own romantic ‘Roman Holiday’ by visiting Rome. Hey, if you’re feeling nervous, you could always toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain for luck before you drop to bended knee? No holiday to Italy would be complete without visiting Verona, the location for one of the most famous (if not tragic) love stories of all time, Romeo & Juliet. People from across the world have turned Juliet’s Balcony into a romantic shrine that could be a perfect location for a marriage proposal – what do you think?

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This may sound like an unusual choice but Sweden has lots of possibilities available for that
marriage proposal, I mean, what’s more perfect if not, a little out there, then spending the night snuggled up together in a Hotel made completely out of ice? Even though you’ll be sleeping on a bed of ice, you can keep each other warm with a cuddle as you fall asleep upon fur skin mats. Attempt the art of ice sculpting and perhaps create a heart out of the snow & ice before you propose to your significant other? You’re not restricted to the ice hotel on your romantic break to Sweden, you could also take a sleigh ride, go skiing and gaze at the magnificent Northern Lights.

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