Travelling to Spain? Go Armed!

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Beach in SpainWell, armed with these tips, that is.

If you have never been on coach trips to Spain, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss a few tips to help you get the most of the experience.

Do Your Research

The first thing that you need to do is research about the place. Explore online forums and ask things that you are confused about. All this homework will ensure that the stress is minimized and fun maximized.

Learn about Topography

You should learn about the topography of the place beforehand so that you can know the type of items you should be packing. Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and the most mountainous after Switzerland. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are on a central highland plateau known as the meseta.

Keep the Seasons in Mind

costa-bravaThe best season to travel to Spain is during spring – from April till October. If you don’t want to go in peak tourist seasons, avoid going in July and August. Some of the places that you should be visiting during the summer include Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Oviedo, San Sebastian, Santiago de Compostela, the Costa Brava, and Valencia. The places that you should be visiting during winter include Costa del Sol and Almeria. During the fall most of the resorts close down in North Spain, which is why there is no use to travel to places like  Burgos, Leon, Logroño, Pamplona, and Vitoria.

Travel by Coach

Coach travelling is actually more comfortable than air travelling because your movements will not be restricted and you can explore the landscapes too as they flash by.

Eat the Local Food

You must try the local food when in the country. Tapas are signature Spanish cuisine, so be sure to try eateries that are famous for this particular snack.