Top Museum Exhibitions in London

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When it comes to show events in London, one simply can’t ignore the museum exhibitions that take place in the city. The museums always have interesting things to exhibit and covers a wide range of topics be it history, art, latest technology, or fashion. Here is a list of some of some of the best museum exhibitions that you should definitely checkout:

Beyond Beauty

The exhibit covers ancient Egypt ritual of decorating the body with jewellery and wearing lots of kohl in the eyes, just like Cleopatra is depicted in movies and documentaries. Check out this exhibition if you are a history buff.

Light, Time, Legacy: Francis Towne’s Watercolours of Rome

The show will leave you mesmerized as it covers the work of Francis Towne who went to Rome in 1780 and was mesmerized by the city’s beauty.
Curtain Up: Celebrating 40 Years of Theatre in London and New York
The exhibition consists of beautiful artefacts, posters, recordings, and costumes, all of which celebrate 40 years of theatre in two of the most popular cities in the world that is London and New York.

Tibet’s Secret Temple

This is a major exhibition, which covers the Tibetan Buddhist yoga and meditational postures. The exhibition covers around 120 objects from across the globe.

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire and Revolution

The exhibit covers Samuel Pepys’ life by telling the audience about his experiences, habits, and stories.

Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age

The exhibition talks about how Russia was the first country to explore space and galaxies and showcases the testimonials of the people who were a part of this space travel.

Pre-Raphaelites on Paper: Victorian Drawings from the Lanigan Collection

The exhibition exhibits Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and brings forward pre-Renaissance purity with the help of paintings and drawings.