Top 10 show events in Europe in 2016

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When it comes to experiencing the best of cultural show event, Europe has some of the best to offer to every person who has a taste for adventure and thrill. It not only makes up for quality leisure time with your family and friends, but also is a great opportunity for you to better become acquainted with values, celebrations, and history of particular regions and countries.

So if enjoying quality time outdoors is one of resolutions this year, then here are the top 10 show events you need to watch out for in Europe.

1)   Art Basel – Basel, Switzerland

You must have heard about the exquisite, picturesque views of Switzerland. But did you also know that it hosts one of the biggest art festivals throughout the world? Yes, that’s right, the Art Basel event, which is held every year in June, marks one of the largest art show events in Basel, the cultural city of Switzerland, bringing together a colossal collection of art galleries from a number of countries. The Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, started from 1970 and has since become an international annual art celebration for collectors, curators, artists, and art enthusiasts.

Its gallery sector, for instance, contains more than 200 of the most spectacular art pieces in the world including paintings, photography, video, drawings, and digital art from thousands of artists. The Art Basel event is held to take place between 16 and 19 June this year, and is a fantastic opportunity to be at the center of a worldwide art revolution.

2)   International Kite Festival – Berck, France

No matter how much of an outsider you are, the joy of flying kites on the windy evening on hilltops is a wonderful experience. If you have a passion for flying kites, then why not attend the International Kite Festival held in Berck-sur-Mer, France? The international event is held every year during April, attended by more than 600,000 spectators. All young and senior people witness the clear blue skies dominated by bright colours of kites dancing up and down.

Whether you are a grandparent, father, or a teenager, the event has something for all ages and the variety of high-tech and attractive kites are a fascinating sight to behold. The date for the International Kite Festival is from 9-17 April.

3)   El Concurs de Castells, Spain

The Concurs de Castells held in Spain every two years demonstrates the incredible test of human towers through exceptional balancing skills. Taking place in Tarragona, Spain this October, the 2016 event is spectacular chance to watch people climb on top of each other using incredible skills.  The sport is over 200 years old, and yet, people still attend the event in droves to witness people serving as building blocks for one another. The event involves a competition of 32 teams, each of which are judged in 3 out of their 5 best attempts at constructing human towers. If you want to be among the 6,000 spectators, be sure to buy the tickets well in advance.

4)   Scotland’s Specialty Food Show 2016 – Glasgow, Scotland

In its 9th year, Scotland’s Specialty Food Show 2016 is one of the most important show events you can attend this year. The event is haven for food lovers where numerous food companies put their finest food products on display. You have the chance of indulging in a variety of quality food products including bakery, gift food, cheese, spices, herbs, tea and coffee, confectionary, vinegars, oils, preserves, and chutneys.

You also get to see the best of companies that specialize in food presentation in areas such as packaging, refrigeration, and lighting. The event takes place between 24 and 26 January at the SECC in Glasgow. Be sure to register quickly to attend the event.

5)   London Boat Show

The London Boat show is another fantastic opportunity for you to witness the best of world’s most popular trade center. The show contains tons of attractive brands and products for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. It is where you get to experience what sitting in UK’s best yachts and boats feels like and taste the best food and drink options. It doesn’t matter if you can’t spend thousands of pounds on purchasing yachts. There are plenty of products you can buy, such as the waterproof socks for £15.99. The London Boat Show has started from 8th January and will go on until the 17th. So if you are looking to explore the glitzy showcase of boats and related things, there is still time for you to buy tickets.

6)   London Art Fair

Art is one of the things that are at the heart of European culture, owing to its centuries of Roman Empire heritage, as well as other dynasties. The London Art Fair is an event showcasing the best of its art collections from a variety of different artists. The Art Fair comprises of contemporary modern British art collections, in addition to a number of art tours, talks, and art projects.

The art event is not only for artists, museum collectors, and art enthusiasts, but also for families. There are a number of family events that both adults and children can take joy out of including interactive workshops and the ‘Play Art Data Money’ games. Furthermore, there are a myriad of restaurants that offer sandwiches, salads, and other snacks for visitors.

The London Art Fair takes place between 20th and 24th of January at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Keukenhof Gardens7)   Keukenhof Gardens opening, Holland

Want to experience the wonders of nature in all their glory? Look no further than the opening of the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. Keukenhof marks the best day of blooming flowers, with over 800 tulip varieties. In more than 32 hectares of bright and colourful flowers, you witness beautiful artwork, remarkable flower shows and other spectacular events.

The Keukenhof Gardens are also a great place for children to enjoy. There are a number of activities where children can feel exuberant, such as the maze, playground, petting farm, and the treasure hunt. Tickets for Kuekenhof Gardens can either be purchased at the site’s information desk or online through their official website.