Theme Park – The new mysterious attraction at Thorpe Park

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Thorpe ParkThorpe Park has recently revealed some details about adding a new mysterious ride to their theme park attractions’ list. The ride will be their main attraction in spring 2016 and is being created in collaboration with English mentalist and illusionist, Derren Brown. Like Derren Brown’s work, the ride will take people on a psychological experience like never before.

Concept of the ride

Derren Brown was approached by Thorpe Park as they wanted to create a new kind of ride that will enhance the human experience along with leaving them in awe. Derren Brown is known for his mind-bending shows and expertise in hypnosis. He has an understanding of how the human brain can perceive things differently from what they see. Being called Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, the ride is set in Victorian times with a train carriage suspended inside a warehouse by chains. Riders have to cross a metal bridge to reach the warehouse where they will board the Ghost Train. The ride uses state of the art visual effects along with virtual reality helmets for the riders to wear to give them a more vivid experience. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train has taken over three years to develop and has currently over a 1000 Thorpe Park specialists involved. It is Thorpe Park’s most expensive investment yet.

The Ghost Train

It will be a 15 minute ride following a narrative where people will be subjected to 12 different kinds of storylines with two alternative endings. The ride is said to be so terrifying, thrilling and exciting that it will leave people with their pulse racing. The riders will be characters in a story where they will experience some heart racing action sequences, multi-sensory surprises and decisions which they have to make to advance.

The ride is opening in spring 2016 and it is something that the world has never seen before. As a ride that can test you on so many levels, this could the greatest 15 minutes of a person’s life.