The Young Person’s Guide to Coach Travel

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Here’s the deal. You’re young and you’d rather be seen out in socks and flip flops than on coach holidays with old people, fo’ shizzle. But before you kick the thought of travelling by coach to the kerb like last night’s kebab or yesterday’s Heat Mag, why not get over it and take a look at the advantages that coach tours could offer. From day trips and events packages to sleeping in the ultra-cool Ice Hotel and tomato throwing in Spain, it’s not all about Eastbourne you know. These days you’ll find a whole raft of activities available when you travel by coach. Take a look at the advantages…

Advantage #1: Coach travel is not just for old people.

We know what you’re thinking, but before you run away with the idea that coach travel is for people that were rocking purple rinses long before the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Nicola Roberts, consider this: Of course there are folks out there who want to go to Eastbourne and make a holiday out of it, but there are plenty of coach tours out there that you would not find an old person on. Can you really see someone your Gran’s age boarding a coach to ride the thrill rides at Alton Towers, trek the Inca Trail or glamp it up at V Fest? We didn’t think so. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that more and more events packages now come with coach travel – all it takes is a little research and you’ll find that there are companies out there who specialise in exciting day trips and student travel. Warming round yet? Good.

Advantage #2: It’s hassle-free.

We’ve all been there. You’re off to a gig with your mates but no-one wants to be the sober one who gets lumbered with the driving, even if you will get your petrol money back in Red Bulls. There’s a name for the designated driver on a coach tour – it’s called a ‘coach driver’ – and thanks to the beautiful existence of this person, you won’t need to worry about finding a parking space, not letting your hair down or having half-cut people molesting your sat nav at the end of the night. Why opt for such chaos when you can chillax, take a power nap and let someone else do the driving? It’s magic.

Advantage #3: It’s Blinging, not Minging.

If you’ve seen C4’s Coach Trip you’ll know that modern day coaches are no longer the orange velvet monstrosities they used to be. These days coaches are far more blinging than minging, to the point where some of them boast leather seats and lounge areas. Even standard coaches are not to be sniffed at, with a typical coach costing in the region of a cool £250,000, which is the equivalent to 7 brand spanking new BMWs in your lingo. Asides from being good enough for the celebs on Coach Trip, coaches are the chosen method of transport for Premiership footballers, Olympic athletes, pop stars and plenty of celebs. If you don’t believe us, check out the evidence on Google of Usher on a bus. Heidi and Audrina eat your heart out.

Advantage #4: It’s Green

When you travel by coach, you do your bit for the environment – fact. Coaches are the greenest way of travel in the UK (bar bicycle). Boasting the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per passenger of any mode of transport and using a massive 6 times less energy than cars, it’s the cleanest mode of transport around.

Advantage #5: It’s Reliable

When the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano erupted last year and hundreds of flights were cancelled across Europe causing global chaos, where did stranded holidaymakers look? No further than the trusty coach is where, when these knights in shining wheels came to the rescue of thousands of deserted Brits from destinations like Spain, France and Italy. While the ash cloud loomed, yet more world-class footballers were seen boarding coaches, like the Liverpool lads who part relied on coach to reach Madrid in time for their Europa League match. Put simply, travelling by coach means you’re never at the behest of frequently striking airline staff or ash clouds. Oh, and you’re much less likely to lose your luggage as well.

So, have we convinced you? Would you consider a coach tour, and if so, where to?