The Top Five Theatre Events of 2016 in London

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Theatre ChairsLondon is one of those cities which provide a unique getaway for its visitors all through the year. Get prepared to experience some really exciting show events this year at some of the most famous theatres in London.

The Royal Shakespeare Company

The Royal Shakespeare Company has been known to deliver some thrilling plays over the years and in 2016 it doesn’t disappoint. Those who love theatre will get to feast their eyes on the marvellous David Tennant in one of Shakespeare’s best known plays, Richard II. Directed by Gregory Doran, the play sees Tennant reprise his role for a limited time only and will mark the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death, making the four-play cycle a must-watch for theatre enthusiasts.

Garrick Theatre

Red Velvet is an award winning play which puts a fictional spin on real life events. Ira Aldridge is in the leading role in Red Velvet, which is a thrilling play of race and revolution which has been based on a true story.

The Dominion Theatre

Based on .G. Wells’ 19th century novel ‘The war of the worlds’ the play is full of science fiction and special effects and tells the story of the earth being invaded by aliens with advanced technology. While the play is set in Victorian era England, it has been adapted to be more appealing to today’s theatre goers.

Playhouse Theatre

If you’re in the area from 2nd February to 14th May, you can stop by at the Playhouse Theatre and watch the world premiere of a play written by Matthew Perry who you might recall from the famous American sitcom Friends. The unique play revolves around four 40-something friends who sit in a bar and reminisce on the past. The play is called ‘The end of yearning’ and is one of the most anticipated show events of the year and is where you will get to see Matthew Perry like you never have before, which is enough to warrants visit.