The perplexing paraphernalia left on Britain’s coaches

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False EyeWe think it’s fair to say that everyone at some point or another, leaves something behind after returning from a coach tour but you would think that this would be restricted to the resort that you’ve just stayed in? Oh no… let us amaze you with some of the weird and wacky paraphernalia that has been left on Britain’s coaches…

We asked 22 of our featured tour operators to find out what were the most commonly found items during 2011. The most frequently abandoned or left behind belongings included various mobile and smart phones, which made up 57% of operator’s lost property boxes, plus an array of electrical items ranging from digital cameras, to laptops and games consoles.

The survey also unveiled a range of more curious items. Among the more perplexing paraphernalia collected were a horse shoe, false teeth, an arm hook, a bag of plants, the base of a full sized piano, a trumpet, and astonishingly, a glass eye! Another common item to feature was walking sticks, prompting one baffled operator to beg the question: “If [passengers] need a stick to walk with, how do they get home without it?”

Reading glasses, mobile phones, countless books (mysteries and romance novels were the favourites), items of clothing (including a lone shoe, a pair of ski boots and a pair of trousers), suitcases, passports and keys were also among the frequently found. On the subject of passports, one operator even revealed: “Our favourite quote from a customer is ‘do you need a passport for West Midlands Safari Park’?”

A wedding ring had also been found on one coach and we bet that the other half of this couple wasn’t best pleased about this – what do you think?

The most fun item left behind according to one operator was an alien laser ‘Zap Em’ game, which was thought to have originated from the German Christmas markets. Despite best efforts, the item was never claimed for, and ended up creating intense competition amongst office staff over the Christmas period as to who had the best aim.

You’ll be pleased to hear that any lost items such as clothing and other non-perishables tend to be kept for a period of a couple of months before being passed on to charity. The owners of more serious items like lost passports and wallets are contacted but if still not reunited with them after a year, are eventually shredded.

Can you beat some of these items? We’d love to know the strangest item you have left behind on your return from holiday so don’t be shy, get in touch and tell us!