The inevitable question of packing

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We can’t be the only ones here at who quiver at the very thought of deciding on what to take when we are about to go on holiday. With the cost of taking luggage on budget airlines rising and after several months of living out of a suitcase, I have developed some handy hints on how to pack light and some essentials on what to take. Should you too quiver at the thought of the inevitable packing, take a quick peek at our guide so you can pack with ease before you travel.

So come on then, how many people out there dread the thought of packing? The infamous question of what do I take is something that could reduce some people into a quivering wreck of cold sweat. Take my mother in law for example, the whole packing process begins at least 2 weeks before she is set to leave, things are put in and out of the case numerous times. On the morning, as she is due to leave, extra items are stuffed in as there is a little space in the suitcase, for her only to find out that the suitcase is overweight and the process will need to start all over again!

– Avoid the pitfalls of over-packing by deciding on what you are going to take before you start packing. A simple way of
doing this is to write down a list of the days you are going and write underneath each one the outfits you are going to wear.
– Remember you can reuse items of clothing to mix and match outfits.
– Ladies, you only have one pair of feet so you do not need 14 pairs of shoes for a one week holiday. Think about your shoes when you are making a list of your outfits. There is nothing worse than taking several pairs of shoes to find out they don’t match the outfit.
– Just in case items, do you really need to take them? Unless you are going trekking in the outer Hebrides you will be able to buy whatever you need somewhere on your holiday.
– Lie similar items of clothing together then roll up to help prevent creasing
– Put shirts & dresses on hangers and cover with a dry cleaning bag so they’re ready to hang up in the wardrobe when you get to your hotel
– Group items such as beauty products into their own bag to make it easier to find everything
– Take plastic bags for dirty clothes as it will make sorting out the laundry easier when you get home
– Perhaps invest in a set of travel scales and weigh your suitcase before you leave. This will save you having to pay extra at the airport if your luggage is over the limit
– Do not start adding things at the last minute as they are probably not essential.

These are the things that you should not leave home without:

– Earplugs: so handy especially if the person you are sharing a room with snores, or someone on the coach snores or even more importantly if there is someone with a very annoying voice on your tour
– Thin scarf: this is maybe one for the ladies, good as providing sun protection and to keep you warm in the evenings as well as a quick-fix option should you be in a destination where you have to cover your shoulders at a moment’s notice
– Refillable bottle: unless you are visiting a country where it is not recommended you drink the water, this helps to not only save money but is also friendlier to the environment
– Hidden money belt: This way you have somewhere safe to store your cards and money and if you do happen to lose your wallet you still have the important things with you.
– Universal travel adapter: This way you do not have to worry which country uses which shaped plug and it is even more important if you are touring around a variety of destinations.
– Patience: This really is an essential item and should not ever be forgotten. When travelling to other countries, yes they may do things that you think are crazy or illogical, but take a deep breath and remember you are on holiday and you will look back and laugh at the situation….one day!