Sporting Events

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Every year, numerous sporting events take place around the world. Some are very famous while others are not that well known. To be a part in any of the huge sporting events is a dream for many travellers. Some of the most famous sporting events in the UK include:

The Belgian Grand Prix

It is one of the most exciting sporting events that take place every year. They provide the most beautiful tracks for racing and the best atmosphere for the drivers to compete in. The race usually experiences a variety of different climates. One part of the race can be extremely dry and another highly wet.  The city of Belgium has been famous for the car racing since the year 1925. It is one of the most exciting events for sports lovers. The Belgian Grand Prix was a massive hit in the year 2015. There are different packages available for the tourists. An average package consists of a return travel via coach, accommodation with free breakfast, hotel to venue free transport and tickets to the most captivating event of the year.

FerrariBritish Grand Prix

Another famous sporting event is the British Grand Prix. It has been a hot topic among the fans and followers since long. The race takes place at Silverstone with more than 150,000 fans watching with great enthusiasm. The F1 race is especially and uniquely known for its environment which is unique to all the others. It is one of the oldest races in the country and has a large number of dedicated and committed fans.

The location of Silverstone becomes overly populated with huge crowds surrounding the event. Different packages are introduced during the race days. They are comparatively cheaper and offer combined travel, accommodation, meals and transport costs in a minimal amount.

The Grand National

This is the oldest type of racing event. To this date, it is celebrated with a high level of eagerness. The Grand National is a place for all the horse lovers, ambitious sportsmen, jockeys and musicians to gather. It has one of the biggest steeplechases in the world with the largest tests for the riders. This is one of the mega horse riding events in the world. The tour rates are not very high and every package includes travel, accommodation in quality hotels with breakfast, transportation within the city and a chance to upgrade to the Grand National tickets.

Other famous events to visit include the London International Horse Show, 2016 F1 Packages, Monaco Grand Prix and the famous cycling event Tour de France.